Circus Games
Copyright/Publisher: Tynesoft, Designed By: Subway Software, Programmed by: Mick Hedley, Graphics By: M. Landreth,
K. Preston & D. Mowbrey, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

Step right up, see the main attraction. Tynesoft welcomes you to the greatest show on earth, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey combine to bring you Circus Games, capturing the thrills and excitement of the Big Top. We challenge you to attempt the High Wire - de Flips, Cartwheels and Hand Stands then ride the Unicycle.

Try your hand at Trick Horse Riding - Attempt the daring foots on horse back and warm to the applause of the crowd. For the real spirit of adventure Tiger Teasing dares you to face the fierce Bengal Tigers. Make them stand on their podiums, walk through an obstacle course and jump through flaming hoops. Your skill and judgement are vital when it comes to tackling the Trapeze - you may discover that you're a real high flyer.

Playing The Game
A) Select numbers of players (1-4) by moving the joystick left or right

B) Select human or computer player.

C) When completed. Press fire on the icon displaying "DONE".

D) Then enter your name, and city.

E) Now your are able to reselect by pressing fire when placed on the icon "RESELECT" or press "DONE" to continue.

F) "EVENTS SCREEN" move joystick back and forwards to select the event you wanna play.

G) Also you are able yo choose the international competition where the judges will access your performances to go into the prestigious:


The walker must perform a series of tricks on the high wire, including hand stands, cartwheels and flips before mounting the silver unicycle to conclude the performance.

To commence a walk, press the fire button then push the joystick forwards whilst at the same time keeping the walker's balance with his pole by moving the joystick right or left.

There are two views of the action - one overhead, the other from the side. The overhead view is omitted whilst in the replay or computer play mode. The event is split into two sub-events.

1. The walker must cross the wire performing as many tricks as possible. Each trick must only be performed once to count. Having reached the other side, the walker may return aided by the computer or take a special Bonus Score and walk backwards to the start.

2. The walker mounts the gleaming silver unicycle and with the aid of his balancing pole traverses the wire, again with the option of returning unaided for a Bonus Score. Controls For Tightrope
Somersault = [Joystick Up/Fire]
Handstand = [Joystick Left/Fire]
Cartwheel = [Joystick Down/Fire]
180 Spin = [Joystick Right/Fire]
When landing on the wire after performing a trick, press the Fire Button instantly, otherwise a loss of balance will occur and result in a fall to the sawdust below.

Scoring For Tightrope
You start with 50 points.
You gain 10 points for each trick.
You gain 25 points for crossing on the unicycle.
15 Bonus Points for returning unaided to Start Platforms.
Minus 2 points for losing balance.
No points for a fall.

Trick Horse Riding
The rider must perform a series of tricks whilst mounted on the horse cantering around the ring.

The display at the top of the screen shows the rider's balance. To stay on the horse, keep the arrows in the centre of the display. The display at the bottom of the screen depicts the position of the horse as it circles the ring.

Press fire button to start the action. Whilst the rider walks on, hold the fire button down to commence the jump onto the back of the horse.

The event is split into two sub-events of competition:

1. From the saddle position, jump from side to side on the horse, stand on saddle, perform a somersault.

2. Perform a Handstand and a 180 degree spin.

Trick Horse Riding Controls
To keep your balance, move the joystick left and right in line with the Balance Display Meter.

Stand = [Joystick Up]
Sit = [Joystick Left/Fire]
Handstand = [Joystick Down/Fire To Stand]
Jump Left = [Joystick Left/Fire When Sitting]
Jump Right = [Joystick Right/Fire When Sitting]
Sommersault = [Joystick Up/Fire To Sommersault]
Left Spin = [Joystick Left/Fire When Standing]
Right Spin = [Joystick Right/Fire When Standing]

Trick Horse Riding Scoring Rules
50 Points = You get that for starting!
15 Points = For each correct trick made in the correct event!
10 Points = For a correct trick made in the wrong event!
-1 Point = For balance problems!
No score in sub-events if you fall of the horse.

The action takes place high up above the ring without a safety net. The crowd is captivated by their every action.

The flyer has to perform crosses and recrosses across the arena before being joined by another flyer as the catcher.

A sequence of tricks, double or triple somersaults and corkscrews have to be carried out under the watchful eye of the judges, for a good score.

After the flyer has climbed the ladder to the platform, pressing the fire button releases the trapeze to be caught by the flyer as it passes the platform. Moving the joystick left or right speeds up the flyer, giving him more height. Press the fire button to release the flyer from the trapeze, whilst judging the other trapeze's swing from the display at the bottom of the screen.

The event is split into 3 sub-events : 1. Swing back and forth between the platforms.

2. Whilst flying from the trapeze perform a corkscrew and a single somersault.

3. Flying from trapeze perform a double or triple somersault whilst being caught on the other trapeze by a fellow flyer.

Trapeze Controls
Swing Trapeze Right = [Joystick Right]
Swing Trapeze Left = [Joystick Left]
Release From Trapeze = [Press Fire Button]
Sommersault = [Joystick Up/Fire]
Corck Screw= [Joystick Down/Fire]

Trapeze Scores
50 Points = Start on the level!
10 Points = Complete sub-event 1
15 Points = Complete sub-event 2
15 Points = Good double sommersault
25 Points = Good triple sommersault
-6 Points = First fall from trapeze
-11 Points = Each additional fall
-3 Points = A bad platform landing

A flyer can only be credited with either a double or a triple sommersault, but not both.

Tiger Training
A lager cage is placed in the center of the ring - in bound 3 great bengal tigers. You have to get all 3 big cats to perform a seires of tricks, jump through a flaming hoop, jump onto a podium and walk through a tube on the obstacle course without being devoured by the magnificent animals!

Note that only human players can play in the tiher training, not computers!

The trainer holds a chair in his left hand to defend himself and calm the tigers if he is put under threat. (the chair is operated by space-bar).

In the trainers right hand is a whip, this is used to move the animals to your selected position. The whip is controlled with the joystick+fire button.

The tiger headcursor is controlled with joystick movement. This is used to show the direction that the whip is directed!

If the tiger's head cursor enlages, it indicates a direct hit on the animal! This is dangerous and unnecessary as it will only annoy the big cat and couse a threar or majot threat and eventuallt an attack.... Display meters:
At the bottom of the screen there are 3 rectangular threat meters, one for each tiger.

Half Filled Meter: Threat
Full Filled Meter: Major Threat
The threat can be reduced by using the chair, otherwise an attack will happend!

A two minute timer is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

To get maximum score in tiger training
To achieve the maximum score get all 3 tigers to complete the full obstacle course within 2 minutes without incurring penalty points.

Tiger Scores
50 Points = To start on level!
10 Points = For each tiger that completes the full obstacle course.
-1 Point = For a ineffictive whip com.
-4 Points = Hitting the tiger with whip!
-5 Points = If a tiger threatens you!
-10 Points = If a major threar occurs!
A bonus is awarded if all the tricks are completed within full time.

Once you have completed the International Competition and your high scores are higher than the present scores in the Hall of Fame, you will be honoured by a rendition of "He's a Very Good Fellow". To save this High Score press fire button on joystick and wait a few moment for saving to be completed to the disk.