County Cricket
Copyright/Publisher: D & H Games, Programmed By: Chaz Chapman, Produced By:
Appletree Print Ltd, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Cricket, Number Of Players: 1


A struggling county cricket side appoints you as their new captain. It's up to you to turn your side's fortune around, train, manage and pick the team which will make your team win the League and Cups.


1. To answer yes or no on an imput simply enter Y or N.

2. Level 1 is easy, 5 harder.

3. When changing players batting order on the change team page, always use the left hand column of numbers.

Change team page
BT = Batting
BL = Bowling
SP = Bowling Speed
FT = Fitness
BT.N = Batting Number

Select bowlers page
SQ. NO = Squad number
SK = Skill

Cheack averages page
BAT = Score for season
INS = Innings for season
BEST = Best score
BOWL = 1st number runs, 2nd wickets

Check league page
PD = Played
WN = Won
DN = Drawn
LS = Lost
PTS = Points

Opposition records
Bowling averages
Batting averages
17 County teams
County grounds
Type of wicket
National Cup
Fielding style
Batting style
Youth team
Best score
Fixture list
Type of tactic
Batting target
Heads or tails
Bowling statistics
Match commentary
Highest scores
Fall of wickets
Week counter
Printer option
Player editor
Limited overs
Year counter
Team editor
5 skill levels
Save game
Last stands
Full results
Run rate