Crazy Cars
Copyright/Publisher: Titus Software, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1


You are competing in the world's craziest race: The American Cross Country Prestige Cars Race. This race is over three tracks throughout the United States: Arizona, Florida, and the N.A.S.A.

If you are able to complete race before the time runs out, you will get a faster car. You start with a PORSCHE 911Turbo. Better than average drivers will receive a LAMBORGHINI Countach, and only the world's best drivers may drive a FERRARI GTO.


P key hold/pause the game
During the game, you are controlling your car with a joystick or one of the following keys: Q, A, Z and X.

Q - Up - Accelerate
A - Down - Brake
Z - Left - Left
X - Right - Right

While racing, be careful not to collide with other cars, each collision will slow your car down and you will lose time.

Once you have passed a car, be careful to maintain your speed, do not allow the other cars to catch up and collide with yuo, this again will cause you to lose valuable time.

CRAZY CARS was designed to be as realistic as possible, therefore yuo must be careful to not lose control of your car especially when you are jumping or cornering.

If you go off the track, yuor speed will decrease rapidly and your chance of beating the clock will be greatly reduced. Hitting bumps at high speeds will cause your car to fly through the air, but this can be used to pass a car.

To complete a stage, you have to pass the finish line before the time reaches zero.