Cricket Captain
Copyright/Publisher: D & H Games, Written By: Adam Parker, J DeSalis &
T Huggard, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Cricket, Number Of Players: 1


You are a cricket captain of a leading league side, it's up to you to win the J.P. & C.A. league and the two cups. The pressure is on!

Can you handle it, and take them to the top?

Ba - Batting Skill
F - Fielding Skills
Bo - Bowling Skills
FB - Favourite Bowl
FS - Favourite Shot
Hit - Batting Speed

O - Bowler
III - Wicket Keeper
Left Arrow - Contracts Expired, Can transfer.


As long as you have youth players every now and then one will come across into your team when the coach thinks he's good enough.

You must have five bowlers and one wicket keeper to play.