European II
Copyright/Publisher: E & J Software, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1


COMMODORE - Press the SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys Simultaneously

European II is a Knockout Competition. Each Round including the Final is played over 2 Legs.

After loading European II you can either Select a Skill Level from 1-7 or you can Enter your own Ability rating (3-9) for each Player in your Squad (eg. if you are transferring your Squad Details from Premier II). You must Enter details for at least 15 Players. If you do not want a full 16 man Squad Enter X for Player No. 16.

You are Team No. 1

Squad Details:
D = Defence
M = Midfield
P = Indicates player selected
A = Attack

A = Ability
F = Form
G = Goals

The Goal Scoring Ability (GSA) rating of 2-6 for both Teams is displayed on the MATCH SCREEN and is based on: Team Morale, Ability for Defence, Midfield & Attack, Total Team Form, Total Goals Scored and Home Advantage.

Note: The GSA is only a guide to which team is more likely to score based on current Form and Ability etc., but there are no certainties in Football.

Discipline Points - Booking = 3 Pts. Sending Off = 6 Pts. A Player with 6 or more Pts. will be Banned for one Match.

Away goals count double if the scores are level after 2 Legs. If the scores are still level the match will go to Extra Time. If Extra Time doesn't produce a Winner the Match will go to a PENALTY SHOOT-OUT with each Team taking 5 penalties. You will select Players from your TEAM to take the penalties including SUDDEN DEATH PENALTIES if necessary.

MENU SELECTION "SAVE GAME" - For Saving and Loading a Saved Game.

COMMODORE - Prepare a cassette to record the Data only. Press for SAVE GAME then Press PLAY & RECORD. To Load a Saved Game - Load the Master Tape as usual, then insert your Saved Game and under Menu Selection "SAVE GAME" press to Load and then Press PLAY on your cassette player.

EUROPEAN II can also be played as a companion game to PREMIER II.

PREMIER II is another Great Strategy Game from E & J Software. You are the Manager of a top Club in the New Premier Super League. The Directors demand success and you are under pressure to produce a Championship Winning Team. Can you succeed at the highest level in football Management and win the Premier Championship? Plus - transfer your Premier League winning squad to EUROPEAN II and try for a unique Double.

37 Westmoor Road

Made in England

This program is the copyright of A J Clayton and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of E & J SOFTWARE.