Fantastic Soccer
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Programming By: Ian Copeland, Graphics By:
Richard Beston, Game Design By: Stock, Assets & Watershares, Music By:
Adam Gilmore, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Fantastic Soccer has all the excitement of real football with everything from sliding tackles to throw-ins and corners. Choose between a one or two player game, alter the team formations and change the length of the match from a quick runaround to a full ninety minutes.


Press SHIFT and RUNSTOP together then PLAY on the recorder.


JOYSTICK Port Two (Player 1)
JOYSTICK Port One (Player 2)

These are displayed on the menu screen. To highlight the choice of options move the joystick UP or DOWN. Select number of players 1 or 2 and match length between 10 minutes and 90 minutes by moving joystick LEFT or RIGHT.

Choose the exit option and press fire. To change the name of the team that you wish to represent move the joystick LEFT or RIGHT.

Formation of team altered by moving the joystick LEFT or RIGHT.
On a 2 player game the 2nd player can also choose the team name and alter this formation using his hand control.
During the game F1 pauses the game and F3 reestarts.

Whilst the game is paused, pressing RUNSTOP exits to the menu screen.
During the game, the players are controlled by the use of the joystick. It is only possible for a player to control one footballer at any given time and that footballer is indicated by his shirt flashing alternate colours.

When a footballer is in control of the ball, the player can shoot by pressing FIRE on the joystick. The length of time the player holds down fire will decide how far the ball will travel after being kicked.

When a corner kick is taken the flight angle of the ball is altered bu the length of time the FIRE button is held. When a throw-in is taken, pressing FIRE ensures that the ball will be thrown to a team mate.