Gary Lineker's Hot Shot
Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

Here is your chance to play in a full scale eleven a side football team complete with sliding tackles, headers, throw-ins, corners, goal kicks, fouls and even the dreaded referee with his red card! Try to take your team to the top of League Division One.

Getting started:
When the game has loaded you are presented with a series of selections such as your team's strip colour, the surface on which you are to play and whether you want a one or two player game. Moving left and right changes the category you can effect and moving up and down makes your choice. The category, intelligence for example, is printed below a large football. The keyboard is used to control this selection process; Z & X move left and right, K & M move up and down. (Controls only applicable on option screen.)

The available choices are listed below:
Players - 1 or 2
Game Time - Time per half
Intelligence - Division 1 is the hardest
Joystick type

The joystick controls the direction in which the player runs. Pressing the fire button has two functions depending on whether the player has the ball. If the player is in possession of the ball, pressing the fire button starts the kick process. The longer you hold the fire button down the more powerful the kick. If the player does not have the ball, the fire button initiates a sliding tackle.

Keyboard controls
Q - Up
A - Down
Enter - Fire
K - Left
L - Right

Hot Shot allows you very precise control over the ball. If the joystick is held in the opposite direction to the player's direction then an overhead kick occurs when the fire button is released. If the joystick is held at right angles to the player's direction (eg player facing up, stick held right) the ball is flicked in that direction with the side of the foot.

When the ball hits a player it may either rebound off him or be chested down and controlled by the player it hit, depending on its speed and height. The ball, when deflected off a player, may rebound in one of several ways depending on which part of the player it has struck and also the angle of impact. For example, a glancing blow off the player's arms or legs may be deflected past the player. A solid blow to the chest or back may bound back towards the kicker depending on the angle of impact (this is also true of goal posts and crossbars).

When a player is positioned under a descending ball such that the ball strikes the player's head the ball will be headed in the direction in which the player is facing.

Throw-Ins, Corners and Goal Kicks:
Select the direction in which to throw or kick the ball and the power using the same procedure as kicking the ball normally.

Fouls, Free Kicks and Punishments:
A player is judged to have fouled when he illegally tackles a player who either is not in possession of the ball or tackles unfairly one who does have the ball.

If a player is fouled who is not in possession of the ball but his team is, then the advantage is played. If a player who is fouled who has control of the ball then a free kick is awarded.

If a player fouls repeatedly he may be booked and/or sent off. He will then take no further part in the game.

Goal Keepers:
These are automatic and track the ball whilst in play. When a shot at goal is taken the goalie will attempt a save. When a save has been made, or the keeper is in possession of the ball, he will run forward to the edge of his 18 yard box and kick the ball upfield.