Copyright/Publisher By: Loadstar/Commodore Magazine, Inc., Programmed By:
Michael J. Poltonavage, Genre: Golf, Release Year: 1988, Number Of Players: 1 to 4


Has it occurred to you that:

In real golf, you have to wait for tee-time and then usually find yourself behind a doddering foursome of off-duty doctors?

In computer golf, you play at your own speed.

In real golf, the mosquitoes only leave you alone when you're running for cover from some fore-shouting duffer?

In computer golf, you only have to worry about finger-strain or the after-effects of a bad Twinkie.

There are other advantages that computer golf has over real golf but they'll go unmentioned. The very fact that you're reading this is proof that you're too smart to blow $50 for the privilege of walking five miles in 100-degree weather looking for $3 golf balls.

The author of this program knows his golf and has made it a quite accurate simulation of a day on the links. The Tanglewood Country Club has all of the features of a Nicklaus- designed Augusta without the expense.

First, let's look at your equipment. You have the finest titanium-shaft Shakespeares, with 1 through 3 woods, 2 through 9 irons, pitching and sand wedges and a putter. When asked for your choice of club, just enter a two-digit code like "1W" for driver or "4I" for a four iron. "PW" is pitching wedge and "SW" is sand wegde. Once you're on the green, the putter will automatically be chosen for you.

You begin your round by entering in the number of linksters in your group (one to four) and their names. Then you proceed to the first tee where you are told the length of the hole, the par and the type of fairway.

Enter in the code for the club you want to use. The distance range for each club is shown to you at the top of the screen. As in real golf, you should use common sense when choosing your club. You shouldn't use a driver from the fairway.

If your caddie offers any advice, you should take it. He knows whereof he speaks, having taken caddie lessons from the great caddologist, Bill Murray.

When using either of the wedges, you'll be asked to enter a 1, 2 or 3 to indicate whether you want a one- third, two-thirds or a full-power stroke.

Generally you have more accuracy if you don't shoot at the 'top' of your range. There is an overlap in the ranges of the clubs and you'll have a better chance of an accurate stroke if you can get there with a 5 iron rather than a 4 iron.

Everything at the Tanglewood Country Club is randomized, but with a realistic simulation in mind. The range of the putter is 1 to 7, representing a stroke of from 0 to 70 feet.

Michael Poltonavage has spent a lot of time tweaking the random factors and logarithms that determine your chances of getting a good shot.

When you get in trouble the odds are roughly 1 in 3 that you'll land in the rough, 1 in 3 that you'll be in a bunker, 1 in 6 that you'll be in the woods and 1 in 6 that you'll be in the water. From my memory of my halcyon days as a three-digit duffer, these odds are just about right. Seems like I used to lose a ball or two every nine holes, though. There is no provision for this in this simulation.

To return to LOADSTAR, just press RETURN when asked for which club to use and you'll be asked if you're sure.

So the next time you are tempted to don your spikes, pad your wallet and motor over to the golf course, think about it. You may want to crank up your C64 instead.


Welcome to the Tanglewood Country Club, a simulated golf course. Available for you is a full set of clubs consisting of the following, along with expected ranges & selection codes.

1Wood - 210-290 - 1W
2Wood - 200-230 - 2W
3Wood - 180-210 - 3W
2Iron - 170-190 - 2I
3Iron - 160-180 - 3I
4Iron - 150-170 - 4I
5Iron - 140-160 - 5I
6Iron - 130-150 - 6I
7Iron - 120-140 - 7I
8Iron - 110-130 - 8I
9Iron - 100-120 - 9I
PW - 50-100 - PW
SW - 0-50 - SW

The course is 6785 Yds. Long with a par of 72, and has plenty of rough, water, trees & bunkers. I will caddie for you (at a modest rate) & I know the course pretty well. As in a real game of golf, unexpected triumps and disasters lay ahead of you. Good luck and have fun!