Grid Iron
Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software Ltd, Created By: Imagez,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 1


Nominated for "Coach of the Year" last year, you are suddenly in big demand. The finest football teams in the USA are clamouring for your services, eager to provide you with the funds you need to take them to the top!

But creating and managing the greatest team requires more than the ability to win games. You'll have to pick teams, buy and sell players, keep the gate money rolling in, take out bank loans and make crucial decisions on the road to the Superbowl - all in this great simulation of the grid-iron game - featuring 3D match graphics!


Nominated as "Coach of the Year" last year, you are set to reap the rewards of your new-found status. The greatest teams are queuing up to provide unlimited resources so that you can guide their destiny for the new season.

A cool quarter of a million dollars is your starter - but you'd better be prepared to use it wisely! So play the game; select your squad, beat the transfer market, beat the bank! Field the best team at the best time, make the money work for you, and you may just end up winning the Superbowl!


If you think you're that good, just remember that the opposition thinks it's better! If that's not bad enough, then your gate money becomes harder to earn in order to pay your higher wage bills.


Your squad of eleven players and five reserves is displayed. You can sell one reserve per match, but if you sell a player then you must buy one to replace him.


To change the name, simply type the player or team number and enter the replacement name.


Your credit limit is $1,000,000 but interest is charged at 1% per match. You may pay back any amount up to the outstanding balance of the loan.


You can opt to move a reserve into your team, play the game, or simply review the vital statistics of your team and its opposition. Should you choose to play the game, then the match is represented in 3D graphics.

The outcome of the game is governed by a composite of the morale, skill and energy levels of the two teams. So even if your team looks set to win on paper, just like in real life you might win - but you might lose ...


Your rating as a coach depends on how well you perform and how much money your team earns. Remember, there's more to being a coach than simply winning games!