Grid Iron 2
Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software Ltd, Loader By: Jason Hayes,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 1


Grid Iron 2 is the knock down and get up, all American Football Management Simulator. The game consists of Football League games and team management, in a season of up and downs. The menus throughout the game will allow you to step easily into the shoes of the team manager. Letting you make decisions and select choices that will eventually lead you up to the top of the League.

Which senior team member do you drop to give the reserve a run? Your best forward has a sprained ankle, what now? Does the championship depend on it? It's up to you! Take your team to Superbowl stardom, or down into the pit of 'has beens'. The fate of the team will be placed in your hands.

During the course of a season you will eventually visit the transfer market and maybe (if you get into financial difficulty) the dreaded Bank Manager (Erk!). Before playing a game you have the chance to change the team which will affect the outcome of the game. (Do you do it now before it's too late?) To play the Superbowl you must successfully beat all the opposing teams in the fifteen games of the season. (Think we're joking? Try us and see). Grid Iron 2 is menu driven to enhance gameplay and make management easier. (Maybe you'll need the help. Good Luck).