Kellogg's Tour 1988
Copyright/Publisher: CRL Group PLC, Music By: Jay Derrett,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Compete in Britain's biggest and most exciting professional cycle race. The Kellogg's Tour. 678 miles of lung-bursting sprints and severe climbs over 6 stages from Newcastle to London.


The race begins in Newcastle with a 4 mile time trial to decide your starting position.
Stages 1 to 6 take you from Newcastle to London where being first across the line in the fastest time is all that counts. Bonus time is collected during each stage and will be deducted from your overall time at the end of the game. Watch out for the TV SPRINTS. If you beat the time limits on these sections you will be awarded bonus time and a white jersey.

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN. If you are in position 1 at the top of a climb you will be awarded "King of the Mountain", bonus time a and a white jersey.

A yellow yersey is awarded to the winner of each stage.

STAMINA. Your stamina is depleted in proportion to the effort used and will need replenishing with food, (take care not to use up all your food too early!).

If you run out of stamina you will retire from the race.


To load tyoe LOAD"*",8,1 then press return.


Joystick Port 2 only
Left/Right waggle - Power
Up/Down - Steer up/down
Left & Fire - Low Gear
Right & Fire - High Gear
Fire Only - Take food
Use FIRE to start each stage


1. Only take food when your stamina is empty.

2. Use high and low gears to obtain the best performance on hills.

3. Freewheel down hills to save your stamina.

4. Check the power level as you don't need much effort to keep maximum speed.

5. Check the climb meter for uphill/downhill climbs to help with early gears changes.

6. Keep to a low fat, high fibre diet.