Nick Faldo Plays The Open
Copyright/Publisher: Argus Press Software Ltd/Mind Games, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1

Using a multi-screen, scrolling map of the Royal St. George's golf course, now's your chance to take on the world's best. You'll be prey to the Royal St. George's harsh weather conditions and, of course, it's terrifying bunkers, deceptive banking slopes and the awkwardly placed running streams.

Teeing Off - Playing The Computer Game
You can select the club, the strength and the direction of your shot by using joystick or keyboard control. The bottom of the screen is split into several sections. The top is the Royal St. George's golf course.

All instructions appear on the screen and the keys are user definable.

To play a shot follow the sequence below:

(a) The hand or cursor which controls the icon is moved using a joystick or the keyboard.

(b) Move the cursor to box 4 using either the joystick of the keyboard controls. Scan through the choice of clubs using UP/DOWN and press FIRE or SPACE-BAR to confirm your choice.

(c) Move the cursor to either box 1 or 3 to select the strength of direction of your shot respectively. Position the cursor near the arrows so the one you want lights up, and press FIRE or SPACE-BAR to confirm the strength or direction of your shot.

(d) Move the cursor back to the animated player, box 5 and press FIRE or SPACE-BAR. Pressing FIRE or RETURN will give you the caddy's comment on your choice of club. You can change your club at this point, or by pressing FIRE or RETURN take the shot.

(e) If you move the cursor to box 2 and press FIRE or SPACE-BAR you will change the top part of the screen to a smaller scale picture of the hole you are playing.

(f) Box 6 shows you the distance and par for each hole as you play and the scoreboard.

(g) To Quite game press O.

The controls you set before playing a shot are the major influence on any one play. However, the joystick or keyboard is 'live'. That is, as the animated golfer moves his club you can 'fine tune' the strength and direction of shot. Left or Right alters the direction and Up or Down the strength. Move the joystick say, left diagonally will move the ball further forward and to the left. Experiment a little, it's not difficult. The effect provides a real 'live' feel to the play.

Once your shot has been played the screen will scroll to the new position. Use the smaller scale map (box 2) to see where you are and sort out the next shot. The golfer will line up automatically for the next shot.