Ninja Hamster
Copyright/Publisher: CRL Group, Programmed By: Gary Thomlinson, Music By: Jay Derrett, Conversion By:
Wise Owl Software, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The honourable Ninja Hamster returns home from his long journey across the seas. Only to find his village being terrorised by his arch-enemies, 'Sinister Rat' and the Lizard of Death and their gang of joy-seeking villians.

Ninja Hamster, eyes blazing with fury at this malicious intrusion on his home domain hurls himself on his enemies in a frenzy of flying fists, knashing teeth and kicking feet. He unleashes his deadly art on his tormentors.

With a combination of different teeth-smashing and bone-crushing attack moves you seek to delete your opponents stamina which is shown on the left side of the screen. A munch is taken out of your apple with every fall. To completely liberate the village you must destroy all eight members of the gang.

"Young Hamster" said old Master Yong.
"An acorn is but a small nut."
"Years pass and it becomes king of the forest."

The hamster sighed "But how long must I remain a small nut?". The master closed his eyes. "As the snow falls so the grass disappears" he muttered.

After years of hard training he had become a hamster ninja.

"I Ninja Hamster pledge my heart to you great apple & swear to destroy your enemies"

Key Controls
[I] - Left
[O] - Right
[Q] - Jump Up
[W] - Jump Forward
[K] - Flying Kick
[I+P] - Block
[A] - Duck
[P] - Punch
[S] - Hi-Kick
[L] - Middle-Kick