Olympic Skier
Copyright/Publisher: Mr Chip Software, Written By: Shaun Southern, Release Year: 1983,
Rereleased By: Americana Software (1986), Genre: Winter Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Controls: Keyboard or Joystick.
Keyboard: Space bar = Accelerate or jump.
. = Down
1 = Up
CTRL = Left
2 = Right

Left = Rotate left
Right = Rotate right
Up = Decelerate
Down = Accelerate
Firebutton = Jump or accelerate

Manoeuvre through the gates as quickly as possible. If you go through a gate you will hear a 'ping'. If you miss one or two gates your time will be penalised. If you miss three you will be disqualified. Maximum score three hundred points.

Avoid hazards using the same controls as on the slalom. Also jump the obstacles by pressing the fire button or space bar. You cannot change direction whilst in the air. Beware of dead ends and learn the course. You cannot jump over trees. Maximum score is 500

Accelerate by pressing the fire button or space bar rapidly whilst your skier is on the 45degrees ramp. At the end of the ramp push the joystick up to jump and pull down to land. Note that you will travel further, the longer you keep the joystick up after you have jumped. If you do not and parallel to the close your score will be penalised. Maximum score is 200.

Insert into disk drive. Follow the instructions in your computer manual. Type LOAD"*",8,1 (press the RETURN key). When READY appears type RUN (press the RETURN key).