On-Court Tennis
Copyright/Publisher: Gamestar/Activision, Programmed By: Michael J. Archer,
Music By: John Fitzpatrick, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


If you're serious about tennis, this program allows you to choose your playing surface. Hard court, clay, or grass which tends to speed the ball up. Select computer opponents or play solo. The ball is in your court.

Exciting tennis simulation with authentic 'feel'. Directed serves, lobs, smashes, drop-shots, angled volleys.

You have a one or two player option and can play either a one set warm-up or best of three or five sets. The computer opponent is very good and has 'floating intelligence': the more you improve the better he gets.

One minor bad point is that a player always serves from the nearest court to you and players change ends after every service. This is contrary to the rules of tennis!

Choose From 4 player patterned after real tennis superstars. You get their strengths, weaknesses, and temperament!

Choose a playing surface to suite your style Grass, Clay or Hard Court.

Play solitaire against a world class computer player or human opponent even watch 2 computer players challenge each other.

“Floating Intelligence” lets the computer vary it’s skill with yours’ as you get better so does he.

Full racquet control allows for ground strokes, drop shots, serves and smashes in bounds and out of bounds

Player Prespective Graphics create “On-Court” realism you can feel Plays like real tennis, not like Pong!

Use with 1 or 2 joystick controllers.

1. Make sure your computer is OFF, all cartridge slots are EMPTY, and your cassette player is properly connected.

2. Turn your computer's power switch ON. Place the game tape into your cassette player, close the door and rewind to the beginning.

3. Type LOAD"TENNIS",1,1 and press the RETURN key. Press the PLAY button on your cassette. When the computer responds FOUND TENNIS, press the COMMODORE LOGO key. The game will load in about twenty minutes.

1. Make sure your computer is OFF, all cartridge slots are EMPTY, and your diskdrive player is properly connected.

2. Turn your disk drive's power switch ON. When the busy light goes out, insert the game diskette into your disk drive and close the door..

3. Turn your computer's power switch ON. Type LOAD"TENNIS",8,1 and press the RETURN key. The game will load automatically.


John Ringler: great backhand, decent forehand and serve, pressures opponents into errors by coming to the net often, temper sometimes hampers his play during long matches:

Bjorn Ugrin: good control over all shots, very good backhand and serve, good forehand, plays baseline game so the has strong endurance.

Jimmy Orr: great forehand, decent backhand, good serve, wears opponents down with tenacious all-court play, endurance is sometimes a question mark.

Ivan Messier: great serve, prefers playing baseline with very good forehand and good backhand, untiappable temper makes him especially tough during long matches.



* Plug a joystick controller firmly into PORT 1 on the side of the computer console if you are playing solo. Plug a second controller into PORT 2 if two are playing. Hold the joystick with the red button in the upper left corner, towards the TV screen.

* Press the F3 key on the computer console to choose your playing surface: GRASS, HARD COURT or CLAY.

* Press the F5 key to select between a 1 PLAYER, 2 PLAYER or DEMO game.

* Press the F7 key to go to the NEXT MENU to choose your player (top seed).


* PLAYER 1 uses the F3 key to choose his top seed (player). PLAYER 2 uses the F5 key to choose his top seed.

* Both players can have the same combinations if you choose. When playing solo against the computer, the scoreboard will read COMPUTER in place of PLAYER 1.

* PLAYER 1 (COMPUTER) always wears a BLUE shirt, PLAYER 2 always wears a YELLOW shirt.

* When both players have made their selections, press the F7 key to go to the NEXT MENU to choose the LENGTH of the match.

* Press the F3 key to select between a 2 OF 3 SET, 3 OF 5 SET or 1 SET match. Press the F7 key to PLAY TENNIS.

F3 2 OF 3 SETS Wins Match

* To PAUSE/RESUME a game press the F7 and F1 simultaneously. To RESTART a game, press the F3 and F5 keys simultaneously.


As in real tennis, your goal in ON-COURT Tennis is to win (2 of 3) or (3 of 5) sets from your opponent. See the SCORING section for further details.


You get to choose from (3) different playing surfaces - there's one for every style.

* GRASS - extremely fast surface, balls tend to skip and speed up on impact.

* HARD COURT - the most predictable surface, balls bounce consistently throughout the match.

* CLAY - slowest of these surfaces, balls tend to slow and bounce on impact.

We've discovared that playing the baseliners (Ugrin and Messier) on clay makes for the most enjoyable games because of the angles you can get on your shots during long rallies.


Serving the Ball
* The game begins with PLAYER 2 (near court) serving to PLAYER 1 (far court). Players always serve from the near (bottom) court.

* The player serving automatically tosses the ball in the air. To serve, move the joystick to SWING when the ball is near the TOP of the TOSS. A serve that lands inside your opponent's service court is GOOD, a serve that lands outside your opponent's court or is hit into the net is a FAULT. If you hit (2) faults (DOUBLE FAULT), you lose the point.