Plazma Ball
Copyright/Publisher: Tynesoft/Flair Software, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

(A) Select 1 or 2 players. If two players selected, two human players can compete in the Plazma Ball leagues in this case, two joysticks are required.

(B) Select number of touch downs to be played per match.

(C) There are 4 divisions in the Plazma Ball league, the player(s) select which division to take their teams from.

(D) Player 1 selects his team from one of the four players in that division. Player 2 (in a 2 player game), then selects his team. If a one player game has been selected, player 1 will do the selectiom of the away team. In this case, the away team will be computer controlled.

(E) The player(s) are asked if all the selections made are correct. If so, the main game is then loaded.

Both the home and away teams have 16 players per team, eleven of which can be on the board at any one time, with the other five being held in reserve.

Each team sets up the players on the board within their respective 50 yard lines. The home team (red players) play from left to right, while the away team (blue players) play from right to left.

Throughout the game the board can be moved by placing the cursor anywhere on the 'move board' icon (see the up & down) and left & right arrow icon and pressing fire and at the same time pushing ther stick in the desired directions. In addition the overall board can be viewed by placing the cursor on the 'long arrow icon' and pressing fire to scroll the 'Game Play' scroll these icons until an eye appears. Place the cursor on the eye and press fire. Selection of 'Game Play' icons are made in the same manner throughout the game. Once both team have completed their set ups, one of the teams will receive the ball and that team will start play.

The Home/away team can move 1 to 11 or even none of their players and throw the ball to another of their team members, if the ball is in that teams posession.

The purpose of the game is to score touchdowns against your opponent and/or to wipe out the opponent to the point that he cannot move anymore 'field' any of their players against you.

Each piece can be moved as follows. Place the cursor on one of your players. Press fire. That piece will turn white. The movement path is created by placing the cursor on adjacent squares (latching), and pressing fire until its movement has been completed.

If an opponent is in range of that moving piece, you can block it (namely try to damage/injure it), via latching onto it. In this case, a message of in block situation will appear in the status area, and that piece cannot move any more. To actually move that piece, select 'next' from the game play icons.

(1) - The 'EYE'
This gives an overall view of the board showing the position of all on field players and the ball. This icon is available during set up, aswell as during the match!

(2) - The 'BALL'
This icon allows a team who possesses the ball to throw it to another team member. On selection of this icon, the receiver has to be latched.

Note: When throwing the ball, a number of outcomes can occur which are as follows:
(1) The ball is thrown and caught by the receiver.

(2) The ball is thrown and is fumbled by the thrower. In this case, the ball scatters into an adjacent square. If that square is unoccupied, the ball becomes free and can then be pitched up by either team.

(3) The ball is thrown but the catcher fumbles it. Again the ball will scatter.

Note: The outcome of a thrown ball is dependent on the on the catching/throwing attributes of the piece in question. This icon is only available during the match play. One throw per team turn.

(3) - The 'SKULL'
This icon allows either human Home or Away team to concede a match. The icon can be used if you feel that you cannot field sufficient players to win that particular match. Only available during match play!

(4) - 'INFO'
This allows a human player to view the various statistics on any one of his active on board pieces. This information can be used by the human player to evaluate whether or not to throw/catch or block an opponent via a particular piece. Only available during match play!

(5) - 'SUB'
This icon is concerned with making substitutions. They can only be made at the start of a team turn, before any of the action did start.