Pole Position (Datasoft Release)
Copyright/Publisher: Datasoft, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1

Experience the thrill of high-performance racing. Feel the excitement and nerve-shattering danger as you race against the clock and take the lead. Your skills and endurance are put to the ultimate test on a race track built for the best drivers and the fastest Formula 1 racers.

Capture the pole position, turbo-charge your way past the competition, and be the first to reach the checkered flag!

Steer your Racer by moving your Joystick to the left or to the right. Move your Joystick to the forward position to put your car in gear. To give your car extra boots, shift the Joystick from the forware position (LO Gear) to the back position (HI Gear).

Press the [F1] key to start the game.

To abort the game at any time press the [F1] key.

Game Play
Here's your chance to prove you've got the skill to be a professional race car driver, as you pit yourself against the clock and the world's top Formula 1 race cars.

You have 90 driving seconds in the qualifying run, but must achieve a lap time of 73' or better to qualify for the race. After you qualify the real race begins!

If you hit another car, your car will explode, costing you precious time. No matter how many times you crash, you'll recieve another car until your time runs out.

Game Strategy
* MAKE A FAST START. In the qualifying lap, be prepared to take off as soon as your race car appears on the screen. In the real race, be ready to take off as soon as the green light flashes.

* USE THE INSIDE TRACK. Stay in the inside lane as much as possible. You can travel faster and manoeuvre easily around other cars.

* AVOID SKIDS. Skidding slows you down and gives other cars a chance to outdistance you. Remember, you earn 50 points for every car you pass.

* USE THE GEARS. From a standing start, always select LO Gear. To optimise your acceleration, change to HI Gear before you reach 105 mph.

Qualifying Lap Times Per Starting Position and Corresponding Bonus:

1 - 58"00 - 4000
2 - 60"00 - 2000
3 - 62"00 - 1400
4 - 64"00 - 1000
5 - 66"00 - 800
6 - 68"00 - 600
7 - 70"00 - 400
8 - 73"00 - 200

Each five meters travelled = 50
Each car passed = 50
Each second left on time clock after reaching the checkered flag = 200

Pole Position(R) (C) Data Soft Inc.