Pole Position 2
Copyright/Publisher: Mindscape, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Formula 1, Number Of Players: 1

Are you good enough to race with the best? Do you have the nerve and skill to be a professional race car driver? Pit yourself against the clock and the competition - the world's top high-performance Formula 1 racers -and let's find out.

Choose among four race courses. There's the easy TEST course. On the FUJI track you'll encounter some obstacles-billboards, puddles, and other cars. The SEASIDE track is the intermediate course, set in a landscape by the sea. And the SUZUKA is the most difficult of the tracks, set in the midst of a traveling carnival.

Drivers Start Your Engines!!
The four tracks are listed on screen, one in each corner. Move the joystick in the direction of the track that you want and press the fire button.

The first lap in a race has a maximum time limit of 75 seconds. Each race has a total of five laps you must complete. You begin a new lap-with an additional 60 seconds to complete it-only if you've finished the previous lap in the allotted time.

When you're ready to qualify for a race, press either fire button. Once you've qualified, the race you've selected begins in a matter of seconds.

If you're in the middle of a race and want to start over, press RUN/STOP.

Maneuvering Your Racer
Steer your racer by moving your joystick to the left or right. Move your joystick forward to accelerate and move your joystick down to brake. Start out in low gear by pressing fire on your joystick. To shift into high gear, press fire on your joystick.

Before you can compete in any of the races, you must qualify for one of the eight starting positions. You have 120 driving seconds in the qualifying run, but must achieve a lap time of 73 seconds or better to qualify for a race.

When you qualify for the pole position you're given the prime starting position in the inside lane. This is the "pole position." If you don't qualify, you'll be allowed to continue driving for the remainder of the 120 seconds.

Go For It!
If you hit another car, you and the obstacle you've hit will explode, costing you precious time. You'll also wipe out if you run into a road sign. Hitting a puddle will slow you down considerably. No matter how many times you crash, you'll receive another car until your time runs out.

Try to keep your car on the road-you lose time when you drive off the track. Skidding also causes your car to slow down. Gun it on the straightaways. If you find yourself going too fast, downshift for the difficult turns.

Every lap traveled is worth 10,000 points.
Each car you pass is worth 50 points.
When you finish the race, each second of time left on the Time clock is worth 200 points.

Bonus Points
The chart below lists the qualifying lap times for the eight starting positions in the race, and the number of bonus points awarded for each qualifying time.

Starting Postition - Lap Time - Bonus
1 - 58"50 - 4000
2 - 60"00 - 2000
3 - 62"00 - 1400
4 - 64"00 - 1000
5 - 66"00 - 800
6 - 68"00 - 600
7 - 70"00 - 400
8 - 73"00 - 200