Professional Snooker Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Release Year: 1988, Coded by: Arcana Software Design,
Sound: David Whittaker, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Demo Mode
The DEMO game is a very intriguing contest between two top class players, and at the same time it serves to exhibit the program's fine qualities.

The DEMO game can be terminated at any time (except when the balls are moving) by pressing any key. You will then be in PLAY mode.

Spin Control
The big white ball at the top left-hand side of the display represents the player's view of the cue ball, the dot in the centre being the point at which the ball will be struck by the cue; this can be moved to cause spin.

The players use separate keys to shoot and so the program can tell which player is about to play. Playing out of turn is not allowed.

To shoot, a player presses his own key TWICE. The strength of the shot will be determined by the length of time between the successive depressions of the key ... the quicker the second follows the first the stronger the shot.

After a player has played a foul shot, his opponent may tell him to play again by pressing SHIFT A.

If you position the cue so that you are aiming at a ball, then an enlarged version of the object ball will appear somewhere behind the large white cue ball at the top of the screen. The object ball will be partly or totally obscured by the cue ball in such a way that you will have a head-on view of the shot you are about to play. Moving the cue will cause the object ball to move accordingly until it moves out of the line of fire or until your aim brings another ball into view.

Nominating a ball
After legally potting a red the player has to nominate a colour ball. To nominate a ball you press the value of that ball. That is, 7 for black, 6 for pink, etc. Press 0 for the white ball. After pressing the key the appropriate ball will start flashing. While the ball is still flashing, pressing any key other than N will complete the nomination. If you are nominating a red (by pressing 1), then one red will flash. Press N to move to the NEXT red, until you reach the desired one.

Practice Mode
In PRACTICE mode you are allowed to do things not otherwise permitted, eg. you can move or remove any ball. You can re-take a shot by RESTORING the balls to the position they occupied before the last shot.

To go into PRACTICE mode press SHIFT P and to return to GAME mode press G. Note that you are allowed to set the table as you wish in PRACTICE mode and then start a game from that position by going into GAME mode. However, the cue ball must be played from the semi-circle.

To move or remove a ball it must first be nominated.

Snooker is a two-player table-top game. The idea of the game is that each player in turn tries to 'pocket' various balls by hitting them with the cue ball (white ball) which is hit by the tip of a cue held by the player.

The player that starts, or 'breaks', must try to hit a RED ball with the cue ball. If a player misses the red ball, or pots the white ball, or hits any other coloured ball first, or doesn't hit any ball, he has made a 'foul shot' and the value associated with that ball is awarded to the other player (minimum 4). If the player does not hit a foul shot or pot a red, then play passes to the opponent. However, if a player pots a red without hitting a foul shot he may choose another colour ball to pot for a higher score.

If the nominated colour is potted, the target ball now reverts to being a red one and the successful player carries on until no red balls are left. Any coloured (not RED) ball which has been potted is automatically placed back on the table in its special position provided there is at least one RED ball left on the table.

When all the red balls have been potted, the coloured balls must then be potted in order of increasing value.

The score indicated under BREAK is the score accumulated by the player whose turn it is.


[Q] - Rotate Cue Clockwise Quickly
[W] - Rotate Cue Anticlockwise Slowly
[E] - Rotate Cue Clockwise Slowly
[I, J, K, M] - Move Spin Position
[SPACE] - Player One Shoots
[RETURN] - Player Two Shoots
[SHIFT A] - Ask opponent to play again after a fault
[SHIFT C] - Concede
[S] - Slow-Motion (Hold down while balls are moving)
[SHIFT+P] - Practice Mode
[0 thru 7] - Nominate Ball (0 for white)
[N] - Next Ball (after nominating red ball)
[SHIFT I, J, K, M] - Move Nominated Ball (practice mode)
[CTRL T] - Take A Ball Off The Table (practice mode)
[G] - Game Mode
[SHIFT N] - New Game
[RUN/STOP+RESTORE] - Return To Titlescreen, then demo mode.
[SHIFT R] - Restore balls to previous position instant replay of last shot.