Rugby The World Cup
Copyright/Publisher: Domark, Produced By: Walking Circles, Programmed By: Carleton Handley,
Music By: Gerard Gourley. Release Year: 1990, Genre: Rugby, Number Of Players: 1 to 16


 Rugby - The World Cup allows you to take part playing any or all of the 
sixteen countries that will be competing in the 1991 World Cup in an accurate
simulation of the tournament.


 The sixteen teams are split into four pools, as drawn for the World Cup,
each consisting of four teams. The first part of the tournament is a round
robin competition between the four teams in each pool. The winner and 
runner-up of the pool will qualify for the quarter-final stages. Once into, 
and past the quarter finals, the tournament becomes a knockout competition. 
In the event of a draw the two teams will play a sudden death situation, 
where the next points scored win the match. The winners of the final will
become the new World Cup holders.


1.0 - The Main Menu

 On the main menu you are given a selection of three options which are:-
                a)     Single Game
                b)     Tournament
                c)     Match Length

a) Single Game
 This allows the player to practise the game, or to play a second human
without having to play the tournament. You may practise using any of the 
sixteen teams.

b) Tournament
 This allows you to take part in The Rugby World Cup Tournament. Select the 
team, or teams, you wish to play as. You may select any of the sixteen teams
you wish, this will allow upto 16 people to play the same tournament. Select
the team by using team select (see later).

c) Match Length
 This allows you to select the length of the match you are to play. You may
either play 2*5 minutes, 2*7 minutes or 2*10 minutes.


 Click on the 'computer' icon by the side of the team you wish to play and
press fire. The icon will change to a joystick. To exit the team select 
screen, move your joystick to the bottom exit icon.


 Control your player by using the joystick to move around the pitch. The
player you are currently controlling is highlighted by a line underneath. You
can only control players that are in an onside position (i.e. your side of
the ball). A number of moves are available to you:-

 To tackle simply run into the player with the ball. There is a slight
chance, as with real Rugby, that your player will miss the tackle.

 To pass the ball simply push the joystick left or right, depending on the
direction you wish to pass, and press fire. You may also use the diagonals
away from the direction you are running (i.e. when you are running up the
screen pull back and left and press fire).

Kicking to Touch
 To kick the ball toward touch simply push the joystick diagonally towards 
the direction you are playing (i.e. when playing up the screen push forward
and left and press fire). Holding fire increases the power of the kick.

Kicking Up and Under
 To kick an "Up and Under' simply push the joystick in the direction you are
playing (i.e. when playing up the screen push forward and press fire).
Holding fire increases the power of the kick.

 Once a scrum has been entered move the joystick left and right as fast as
possible to win control of the scrum. The ball is then passed out to the
scrum half.

 Once the ball has gone into touch a line-out is initated. Again, move the 
joystick left and right as fast as possible to jump the highest and win the 
line-out. The ball is then passed back to the scrum half.

 Once you have scored a try a picture of the posts is displayed. In the
centre of the screen you will see a moving cursor. Stop the cursor inside
the posts to kick the ball by pressing the fire button.

Drop Kicks
 When in front of the posts if you use the controls to do an up and under
and the ball passes through the posts a drop goal is awarded.


 Player 1        Joystick in Port 1
 Player 2        Joystick in Port 2 
 Pause/Unpause   P
 Quit            ESC