Soccer Star
Copyright/Publisher: Cult Games, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1


In this match highlight full graphical Soccer Management game its your job to take your team to the top of the First Division and Win the Cup. Can you do it?

Once Soccer Star has loaded you mill be given an option to load in an old season, continue to the start of the following season, or redesign the game names then restart the tape from where you stopped it if you want to start a new game.


You start your career with a rating of zero and can progress in the ratings by winning promotion or a good run in the Cup Competition. If you get a high rating of more than five then you could consider resigning and reapplying for another job.

If you get a high rating and are successful then you may be considered for the Manger of the Year Awards. Your rating will be affected by relegation and resignation or lack of success.

Job Application

Your Skill Rating will effect the teams seeking you for their manager. So at the start of the game you will have to choose a team from the lower divisions.

The Season

There are eight teams per division and matches are played both Home and Away, so there are fourteen matches each season. The top team is then promoted and the bottom team relegated from each division. Relegation will result in the sack for the relegated teams manager.

FA Cup Competition

This takes place over four rounds on a one leg knockout basis, If the match is a drawn one then the replay takes place the following match.


All the finances are taken care of automatically. This includes Overheads, Spy Fees, Wages (depending on each players skill level and team position), Attendance, Money, Transfer Sales and Purchases, FA Cup Winnings, Promotion Winnings and League Bonus for final position of team in the League Division.

If the Financial Status of your team gets close to, or even, bankruptcy then you will face the automatic sacking by the Club Directors.

Transfer Market

At the start of each season you will be able to buy and sell players. You are also required by the League to field a full side of eleven players including a 'Keeper', failure to do so will lead to a heavy fine. You may also choose a player for a substitute.


The sound effects and music can be turned on and off at the season start.

Hiring a Spy

During the season you may use this option before each match to assess the strength of the opposition. Most of the information is usually quite accurate but not all of the time. His fee is automatically paid from the teams account.

Balance of Match

When the ball is in the centre of the pitch both teams midfield strengths will be pitted against each other. When the ball approaches the goalmouth section of the pitch then the Attacking team is pitted against the Defending team. If you have chosen a substitute in team selection then you can bring him on by pressing "S".

Goalmouth Action

When in defence the actual number of players depends on the total allocated in the first team. Each defenders speed and location of movement depends on their skill, the higher the skill level the closer they will defend the goalmouth.

End of Season

At the end of the season you will be given an option to load or save season to tape, or to continue to the start of the next season.