Summer Olympiad
Copyright/Publisher: Tynesoft, Music: Ian Crabtree & Wally Beben, Programming: I.Davison & M.Hedley,
Graphics: M.Landreth, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

The idea of a great summer sporting event was that of Baron Pierre De Coubertin, a frenchman. He persuaded the various world wide sporting movements to combine these efforts for one major event competing on equal terms. The first of these games was held in 1896 in the ancient city of Athen, home of previous ancient roman sporting occasions.

The games now under control of the olympic committee have been held every four years, with the exception of the war years, in 16 different countries. Hosting the games in different countries and cultures, with something like 160 nations competin, is a mammoth organising task with the organisers working 8 to 12 years in advance. The coming together of these competitors can only help in the betterment of sports (international!)

Triple jump is a combination of long jump and coordination of leg movement to perform the necessary hop, step and jump. Start your run down the take-off track, then reaching the take-off board, proceed to put in the step combination of hop, step the finally jump. The competitor is judged from the take-off board to the first impression made in the sand pit, carefully avoiding stepping over the take-off point and marking a special plasticine line.

Move the joystick left or right in a steady rhythm to start runner. Depress the fire button just before take-off line until the angle-meter is at your desired number of degrees, then release the button allowing competitor to hop-step-jump.

High Dive takes place from the 10 metre tower on a fixed board rather than a springboard. The extra height makes for some spectacular diving sequences. Each dive is marked on itīs complexity and style, both in the air and on entering tha water smoothly.

To start a dive move joy left or right.
Take off:
Joystick Left - Back Flip
Joystick Right - Forward Dive
Joystick Up or Down - Not Used

Dive button not pressed:
Joystick Left - Roll Left
Joystick Right - Roll Right
Joystick Up - Back Flip
Joystick Down - Pike

Dive button pressed:
Joystick Left - Spin Left
Joystick Right - Spin Right
Joystick Up or Down - Not Used

The modern sport of fencing owes itīs origins to the early Elizabethan times of medieval duelling. From this has evolved the competitive sport we have today. In fencing the strategy and defensive play is as important as the lightning reflexes needed for that surprise attack to score points the fencer must hit particular areas of the opponentīs upper torso within a given time.

The first competitor to score 5 hits against his opponent is the winner.
Joystick Left - Riposte
Joystick Right - Parry
Joystick Up - Walk Up Screen
Joystick Down - Walk Down Screen
Fire Button To Lunge!

Hurdles is a physically very demanding event where athletes must clear a series of hurdles within the shortest possible time. Failure to clear a hurdle, by knock it down, will not incur disqualification but may increase his overall time.

Press the fire button to inform competitors to "Get Ready". The starting gun will then start the race. Move joystick left and right quickly by pressing fire to jump hurdles. Controlled rinner is dressed in white in lane 1. Scoring is denoted by time and positions in your heat.

Akirt is only one of thirteen shooting events which make up the shooting section of the olympics. Open to men and women, skeet is one of only two mixed shooting events, the other being trap.

The competitors using a shotgun fires at claay disks that are jettisoned into the air at high speed. The clay simulates the flight of a game bird flushes from itīs nest by the gun dogs. There are seven different shooting positions situated around an arc between two firing traps.

Each position sees the clay in the air from a different height, angle, speed and time. Competitors concentration and reflexes are of paramount importance as each has a limited number of shots from each bay and to stand a chance of winning gold, each shot must count.

To release the clays from the traps move joystick left/right. Pressing fire button to fire gun. An extra clay is awarded on shooting the maximum of 24 clays.