Tag Team Wrestling
Copyright/Publisher: Data East, Release Year: 1984,Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

You are challenged to match the awesome skills of your opponents... to gain the Title in the World Super Championships. Teamwork and stamnia are the keys, as you and your partner battle your way through the Title Matches on your quest for the Belt. Attack opponents with Body Slams, Drop Kicks, Backbreakers, Flying Head Butts or throw them out of the ring! To win, it's a pin for a count of three. Prepare yourself for Tag Team Wrestling!

Function keys
[F1] - One/two players
[F2] - Start/Quit.
During game play, pressing [F3] will stop game and return to title screen.
[F5] - Sound on/off

[RUN/STOP] - Pause

Winning the Title
Advance your way through the Title Matches.
Win 3 matches to be the American Champion.
Win 8 matches to be the European Champion.
Win 15 matched to be the World Champion.
Win 25 matches to be the Super Champion.

The size of the trophy increases as the Champion Matches advance in rank. When a match is lost while progressing in rank, the next match begins one rank lower.

When a move is properly executed and the opponent goes down on the mat, win by pinning him down for a count of three.

If you are pinned, keep pressing the fire button to regain your energy until you revive enough to stand up again.

Defensive Tactics
Watch your Energy Meter and if your energy is getting too low, run to the corner and tag your partner using the FIRE BUTTON. If caught in an impossible hold, press FIRE BUTTON to have your partner's help.

Outside of the ring, weapons may appear that can be picked up to use against your opponent. You'll be disqualified if counted out of the ring for more than 20 seconds. Win with a pin or when the opponent gives up.

Player One
Ricky's fighters (Good Guys) - [Ricky and Ultramachine]
These are the good guys. They perform wonders when working in pairs, but become weak when they work alone.

Player Two
Strong and Bad (Bad Guys) - [Worly and Mascross]
These are the bad guys. Great team-workers, and they do better as the match goes on. They get angry and red in the face when their opponents avoid a fight.

Players move around the ring by pushing the joystick in the desired direction. They attack by moving close to the other player, hitting the [FIRE BUTTON], moving the stick to select an attack and releasing the button when they are done.

The attack name is displayed on the screen as it is being selected. Each player has his own Secret Move that is most effective against a particular opponent. In the event that the Secret Move is not usable, a Body Slam is made by moving the joystick to the upper left position.

Body Bash

Secret Move or Body Slam | Drop Kick

Neck Hanging | Body Slam

Back Breaker | Back Drop

Body Bash

Special Feature:
Under certain conditions you will gain ultra-strong power, lasting until you defeat your opponent.

Round 5: one tag yo your partner (without touching the opponent).
Round 11: two tags to your partner (without touching the opponent).
Round 18: three tags to your partner (without touching the opponent).
Round 28: three tags to your partner (without touching the opponent).

(c) 1987 Data East U.S.A. Inc.