Copyright/Publisher: Entertainment Software, Programmed By: Tony Brantner,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Bowling, Number Of Players: 1 to 4


All you need to play Tenpins is a single joystick plugged into Port 2, which can be shared by up to four players.

Moving the joystick up or down moves the bowler onscreen in that direction. Press the fire button when you are ready to release the ball. One advantage Tenpins has over most other bowling games is that you can "steer" the ball up or down after it released. Don't roll it to the sides of the alley, though, or you'll lose control.

Your score is displayed on a scorecard above the alley, and your total, which is shown to the left of the scorecard, is updated after you finish your frame.

Scoring is just like in regular bowling, your total in each frame depending on what you roll. Knock down all ten pins in one roll (known as a strike), and you'll receive ten points plus the total of your next single roll.

It should be noted that your score for that frame won't be totalled unit you make the next roll (s). If any pins remain after two rolls (an open frame), then the number of those knocked down is added to your score. Rolling a strike in the tenth frame earns you two extra rolls, while a spare in that frame earns you one.