Copyright/Publisher: Kingsoft/Anco Software, Produced By: Easy User Production/STM Software,
Programmed By: Stefan Mueller, Graphics & Design By: Rainer Doebele, Title Screen By:
Claus Hirt, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


TIEBREAKER is an authentic tennis simulation in which you can plan your tactics to be No. 1 player. It has an ATP table, the first ten positions are occupied by computer opponents. Your aim is to reach the No.1 position in the chart. TIEBREAKER also has TWO player option, so you can play against friends.


You can leave the two title screens which appear after loading by pressing fire of joystick port 1. The main menu will appear from which you can select various options by moving your joystick left or right and pressing the fire button the selected option is normalie without highlighting. If at any time you want to quit and start again, use restore key and it will return you to the second menu.

Your first task is to compose ATP list. You can move up and down the ATP list by moving joystick up and down. Highlight Nr.1 position and select the name option. Enter the name of Nr.1 seed (max.20 characters) and press return. The name will now appear in the ATP list.

Select male or female
Joystick left or right and fire button.

Select the nationality by moving joystick left and right and fire button.

Select dress colour by moving joystick left and right and also fire.

Saves the ATP list on tape or disk.

Loads the ATP table.

Deletes the ATP table from the memory.


Select the two players to go on court. If both players are from 1 to 10 then the game will go into demo mode. You can play against the computer or a friend provided you have entered his name in the list from Nr.11 onwards.


The players can be moved in all 8 directions by joystick when fire button is not pressed.

Serve And Normal Game
Please obey the rules of tennis. The arrow shows the directions of serve. Throw the ball up by pressing the fire button and press again to serve. The direction and speed can be controlled as follows.

Fire Button Pressed
Slow - Medium - Fast

The angle depends on speed.
Fast - Small Angle - Flat
Medium - Medium Angle - Medium
Slow - Large Angle - High

For a smash, very small is needed. A lot of practice is need to perfect the shot. Press the button for no longer than half second. The joystick function is shown below.

Fire Button Pressed
Short - Medium - Long

Short - The ball hits the ground very close to the net.
Medium - The ball hits in the middle of the court.
Long - The ball usually is out.

The scoring is according to tennis rules.

If the score is 6:6, the set is decided by a tiebreaker. The game is based on best of 3 sets. The ATP table is automatically updated. You will have to use save facility to save the new table.