Tracksuit Manager
Copyright/Publisher: Goliath Games, Programmed By: J. Foster,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1


From the designer of "The Double" comes...
The first ever football game with real match tactics.

FIVE MINUTES REMAINING and the score is 1-1. You must win against Italy to qualify for the NATIONS CUP FINALS when Robson intercepts a long pass and slowly moves forward - Altobelli challenges but Robson rides the tackle and sends a long through ball to Barnes... "Offside" shouts Caprini. "Play on" signals the ref. Liniker races towards the near post, Hateley moves back for the high cross...Barnes Shoots....

A management game with so much more.
* 54 Computer managed Countries * 54 Squads of Computer controlled Players * Build your owbn 'squad' from 100 Individually talented Players * Select own Country * World Cup & Nations Cup * Qualifying group matches (all contries) and the Finals * Monthly Diary * Most advanced Scout reports EVER * Friendlies & Tours * Climatization * Visit other Internationals * Real Newspaper Headlines * Public Opinions *

Sophisticated Match Play with... Adjustable Team Formations * Free Kicks * Throw In´s * Offside´s * Individual Player Abilities * Goal Kicks * Corners * Penalties * Tackles * Fouls * Select Player for 'Set Pieces' * Injuries * Booking´s * Sending Off´s * Suspensions * Substitutes * Heading * Genuine Penalty Shoot Out in Quarter, Semi Finals & Final Matches * Extra Time *

Individual Player & Team (Defence, Midfield, Attack) tactics... Defensive * Attacking * Normal * Quick Counter Attacks * Zonal Marking * Man to Man Marking * Offside Trap * Sweeper System * Possession Football * Long Ball Passing * One-Two Short Passing * Aggressive Tackling * Take Corners, Free Kicks etc * Stay back * Play Upfield * Avoid Heavy Tackles * AND MORE! *


You may select ANY EUROPEAN Country of your choice or accept the built-in ENGLAND squad of players provided.

The month is July. You have just been offered the opportunity to manage a national team and prepare for the forthcoming Nations Cup Finals in two years time.

Your first qualifying match is in October and have up to 100 players all knocking on the door for International recognition.

The game runs on a 4 year diary, two years Nations and 2 years World Cup. ALL OTHER COUNTRIES are COMPUTER MANAGED and will be attempting to achieve the same success.... so USE YOUR WITS. EVERY PLAYER for EVERY COUNTRY will have INDIVIDUAL abilities, talents, shortcomings etc.... so TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT.

Hark!... the National Anthems playing... time you made your way to the dugout... the match begins.


Menus will automatically change colour and the cursor will avoid any option that is not available.

All countries have individual maximum and minimum ability ranges that are distributed to each squad player. This will guarantee the players performing to their realistic capabilities.

YOU MUST ENTER a MINIMUM of 30 PLAYERS (maximum 100) FOR YOUR SQUAD plus their playing position. You may also enter his club (max 30). If you choose not to use this last option... then leave blank. The LAST club entered will appear for each player unless deleted or altered. TO FINISH SELECTION type the word EXIT in PLAYERS NAME SPACE.

The date will automatically advance to date of next fixture so as to avoid unnecessary key pressing.

Current squad players will be highlighted by asterisk.

Reports will be available for teams either watched or scouted

NOTE... individual players throughout the game will alter according to their form etc, so keep a regular check. Scout reports are only valid up to ONE YEAR. Thereafter it will be deemed out of date. NOTE.... you are NOT permitted to watch other internationals on the same day as your own fixtures.

League tables plus all results and fixtures for either the NATIONS or WORLD CUP are available. To avoid unnecessary searching, the cursor will automatically appear at the group your own country is involved in. NOTE: ALL EUROPEAN groups will be in groups 1 - 8 ALL SOUTH AMERICAN groups 9 & 10 The REST of WORLD groups 11 - 13. NOTE: Four team groups = ONE qualify, NOTE: Five team groups = TWO qualify.

This will scroll ALL fixtures for current month. NOTE: CUP MATCHES are displayed in another colour

Only TWO fixtures may be arranged within any one month. The EXCEPTION to this are TOURS. Only ONE tour is permitted per CALENDAR YEAR.

Only ONE tour is permitted per calendar year. A tour will consist of FIVE matches within TEN DAYS. Enter the DATE you wish the tour to COMMENCE then enter the Opposition. A maximum squad of 25 players may be available for any tour. Opponents have the right to decline a fixture. This may be for several reasons:

a) Unable to raise a satisfactory team (example - injuries)
b) Committed to other forthcoming friendly fixtures.
c) Requiring a rest from too many previous matches.
d) Do not consider you worthy opponents.

NOTE: It is advisable to have reserves for all departments as REPLACEMENT PLAYERS are NOT PERMITTED on tour should injuries occur. HINT: It a player plays a game within a few days of a previously played match his STAMINA will be affected which will automatically affect his abilities, so select your team carefully and save your best players for important matches especially if you qualify for the FINALS!

Superb programming enables ALL features, both cup games and friendlies, to be played within a total speed of less than a second. Therefore all goal scorers, goal times and match statistics are completely genuine.

The MATCH YOU PLAY/WATCH has been slowed down to allow you to follow a comprehensive running commentary. This maybe SPEEDED UP or SLOWED DOWN BYJOYSTICK.

TACTICS . . . may only be altered during a game at either half time, full time if extra time is required or during substitutions.

INJURIES . . . when occurring will affect the players running ability plus his skills throughout the remainder of the game. If you tactically assign one or your players to be aggressive towards an opponent beware that a booking or sending off may occur as well as the likelihood of the opposition seeking retribution.

A player maybe booked only once during a match. A further booking will result in a sending off. Sending off offences will incur up to a three match ban.

NOTE: All players stretchered off or considered severely injured will he removed from the squad. A club will not release a player it considers unfit. A player sent off cannot he replaced.