Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin Graphics/Mr Chip Software, Written By: Shaun Southern, Graphics By:
Andrew Morris, Music By: Shaun Southern, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Determination, speed, and dexterity are the key assets needed to complete TRAILBLAZER successfully.

Thundering into the unknown at breakneck speed, are you agile enough to negotiate the perils? Roll left and right to avoid the cracks but be careful not to fall off the edge of the path as you go. Be sure to identify and avoid the squares which will either speed you up or make you jump automatically. Keep a careful eye on the clock as the more time you have left at the end of each level, the more bonus time you will be awarded.


The aim of the game is to guide the ball down each of 21 courses as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding the holes and other obstacles. Each course has its own time limit. Differently shaded squares have different effects.


1 PLAYER ARCADE - You are limited to seven jumps per course, each has a time limit but any remaining time is carried over to the next course. Complete as many as possible.

2 PLAYER ARCADE - As one player but with both players racing simultaneously. You can knock each other off if you meet.

1 PLAYER TRIAL - Practice on any course with a 99 second time limit.

2 PLAYER MATCH - Pick any three courses and race against another player with a 99 second limit on each course.

PLAYER VS ROBOT - As two player match but with a computer opponent, as in the arcade option you can knock each other off course.


10 points per square (100 if on Warp) plus a bonus for time remaining on completing a course.

1000 points per round on bonus game, bonus game every three normal levels.


Blue bounce your ball into the air
Purple throw you backwards
Cyan reverse left and right controls
Green speed you up
Red slow you down
White Warp (Arcade only, on other games it acts as blue square)


Player one joystick in port one
Player two joystick in port two


SPACE - Start/Jump
CTRL - Left
2 - Right
1 - Speed up
LEFT ARROW - Slow down

RESTORE - Quit to title