Turbo Outrun
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold/Probe/Sega, Music By: Jeroen Tel,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


A race through the USA in 16 stages, that will surely be as successful as the predecessor, which was sold a million times, only now it is turboized!

Heroes, villains, the police, a Porsche 959, days and nights on the road, storms and thunderstorms are but a few risks which you are about to face.

"For sure the racing game of the year!"

Use a joystick in port 2.
Joystick [UP] : Accelerate
Joystick [DOWN] : Decelerate
Joystick [LEFT] : Steer Left
Joystick [RIGHT] : Steer Right

If you select manual transmission, press space to activate the turbo and press fire button to change the gear.

If you select automatic transmission, press fire button or space to activate the turbo.

In-game key-commands:
[Run/Stop]: Toggle pause mode on/off.
[Q] in pause mode: Quit current game.

Now some informations to the different stages:

Stage 1
New York: A rather easy stage, especially designed to prepare you for the many dangers to come.

Washington DC: Drive through thunderstorms, avoid police cars, other cars and trees.

Pittsburgh: Snowstorms hinder your sight. Drive away from police cars, use the transmission and the brake until you know the stage. A low gear might be helpful in sharp corners.

Indianapolis: Here you can test how good you can control the car.

Stage post 1:
Let your car be tuned. Higrip tyres are recommended.

Stage 2:
Chicago: The first drive by night. Take care of holes and sharp corners.

St. Louis: Again you are chased by a police car. Obstacles on the track do not increase your chances of completing this track.

Memphis: A tricky route, which takes a lot of practice, especially on your way through the valley of rocks.

Atlanta: Sanf drifts hinder you, try to stay in the middle of the road.

Stage post 2:
Two options remain. The turbo is recommended here.

Stage 3
Miami : Use the turbo at this high speed track.

New Orleans: Take care of very sharp corners and be careful with the brake and the transmission.

San Antonio: The road gets divided into two tracks. Try to get onto the right one.

Dallas: The desert lets you believe it would be easy to complete this track. However, it is not. Take care of unmarked corners.

Stage post 3:
Only one option remains. Hopefully you decided right at the last stage post...

Stage 4:
Oklahoma City: Bridges and fields. Sharp corners require as quick as lightning reactions.

Denver: The most difficult route. There are almost no signs and many storms. which hinder you.

Grand Canyon: A rather easy track. You are almost at home - but be careful, this track is narrow though-

Los Angeles: The last track before the goal. If you finish this one, you have reached the goal.

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