Turbo Speedway
Copyright/Publisher By: Loadstar/J & F Publishing, Inc., Programmed By: Rick König &
Richard J. Derocher, Genre: Racing Sports, Release Year: 2000, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


On LOADSTAR #174 there was a racing game by Richard Derocher that challenged you to keep your car on the track in order to beat your opponents. This time the challenge is to keep from totalling your car on the many dips and jumps on the track - and at the same time, beat your opponents. So fasten your seatbelts, you're in for a bumpy ride.

There are two cars in the race, each controlled by a joystick. If you're racing by yourself, you can just use the joystick in Port #2. If you have a friend to race with, plug a joystick into Port #1.

From what I can tell, speed control is much more important in this race than direction control. Your car will automatically, more or less, stay on the track. But if you zoom into a big bump at the wrong speed, you will crash and lose valuable time. Sometimes you can speed up and survive, and at other times you can slow down and survive. But don't forget; it's a race and faster is better than slower.

Games like this don't require any docs. Just take off. And have fun! It doesn't return to LOADSTAR when done. You'll have to power down or reset your computer.