Winter Supersports
Copyright/Publisher: Flair Software, Release Year: 1992,
Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

At the start of the game the player is asked to select one of two game modes, [COMPETITION] or [CHALLENGE].

This allows up to 6 players to play one or more events selected from the main screen. The chosen event(s) can be played and replayed as many times as desired, to either learn or become an expert in selected events. In Competition mode players can compete against one another or against the computer.

At the end of each event, the player(s) will be asked if they wish to play the event again or progress to the next event. If the event is repeated the score for the previous play of that event is reset to zero and the counter begins again. If the player(s) does not wish to replay the event the score is added to the TOTAL scoreboard.

At the end of all selected events the winner is the player with the highest total score for all the events played.

This is a ONE player challenge in a head to head clash against the computer. All 8 events are played in order and the aim is to gain as many points as possible.

Each event has a points level which you must exceed in order to progress to the next event. If you fail to achieve the "PAR" value score for an event then the challenge fails and you must recommence the challenge or return to the Competition mode for more practice!

Having selected Competition or Challenge you will be presented with the opening screen with programming credits. Press FIRE or SPACE to continue.

Enter the number of players:- 1 to 6
Enter player name/names

To select the nation you would like to compete for, move the cursor to the position of your country on the World map and when appropriate press the Fire Button to confirm your selection. When all the players have made their selections press Y or N to continue or re-select.

The screen shows Icons of the 8 different events available.

In Challenge mode all events are automatically selected.

In Competition mode, to compete in all the events simply move the cursor to the EVENT SELECTION title at the top of the screen and press FIRE or SPACE BAR.

To select specific events in Competition mode move the cursor over the Icon for each event that is NOT required and press FIRE or SPACE BAR. Those events will now be de-selected from the competition. To confirm your selection move cursor to the EVENT SELECTION title and press FIRE or SPACE.

Downhill Skiing is a sport which everybody should try at least once in a lifetime. The thrill of gliding down an alpine slope over white virgin snow or down a well trodden course (known as a Piste) with the crystal clear cold air against your face, is one of the most exhilarating experiences of all time.

The competitive Downhill Skier is very different to the average fun skier. This is one of the most competitive sports ot all, where the choice of skis, boots, bindings, and even the wax applied to the skis are all critical if maximum performance is to be achieved. There are for example numerous different qualities of snow which require variable wax applications to gain the maximum speed advantage.

As in all sports today the skiers need to be both fully developed athletes and good all rounders. Agility of movement being as important as the equipment that the skier uses, as he weaves down the course at speed.

The aim of the game is to guide the skier(s) down the course between the flags, taking the shortest route to attain the quickest possible time.

Joystick, Left and Right to guide skier.
Fire Button = Start Run /Jump / Restart affer Crash
Up = Slow Down
Down = Increase Speed

Bale Jumping is one of the new sports that has developed out of competitive speed skating. It started as a fun activity on frozen lakes like many other Winter Sports and is a subtle combination of sprint hurdles and barrel jumping

The aim of the sport is to sprint along the track either indoors or outside jumping straw bales that are strategically placed in the lanes at regular intervals. A high degree of concentration and physical fitness is needed to conquer this demanding sport.

Joystick Right and Lefr in a gentle Rhythm
Fire Button = Jump

Modern Bob and Luge tracks are constructed to the highest technical standards possible in often hostile and difficult locations. Events are scheduled in a regular calendar and organisers cannot therefore rely on weather being pertect on the days of competition. To compensate for unpredictable conditions, the runs are now refrigerated and thus the very best runs can be achieved in even the least favourable of conditions.

The Bobs themselves are very sophisticated, with high tech steering mechanisms, titanium running apparatus, aerodynamic fibre glass bodies resulting in 1OOths of a second margins of difference between sleds. As well as being lightweight the bobs have to be constructed from the strongest of materiais in order to withstand the great G forces that are inflicted as a Bob hurtles into corners at speeds of over 80 miles per hour.

The athletic qualities of the crew are one of the greatest assets for the team. A good starting push sequence for example can make all the difference when 1st and 10th positions are just fractions of a second apart. Once down the first straight the driver must steer for the best line through every corner to the achieve the fastest possible time in an event where the slightest misjudgements determine the medal winners.

Joystick, Left and Right to steer
Pull stick Down to activate the brake

Giant Slalom Skiing takes place on a similar but shorter course than the Downhill, comprising a long series of tight turns defined by strategically placed flags.

The skiers need the maximum of agility and concentration to tackle this strength sapping sport as they weave in and out of gates, descending the steep alpine course in their race against the clock.

Joystick, Left and Right controls the Skier.
Fire Button = To Start event / Restart after a Crash
UP = To Slow Down, Down = To increase Speed

The Luge event was brought into the Olympics in 1964 for the first time and has become a favourite with both competitors and spectators alike. Racing is based on a small flat sled just wide enough to hold a persons body, two narrow runners which are controlled by the competitors feet for steering and a daunting Bob Sled track.

Luge racing is a sport for only the bravest of competitors as the only protection you have as you lie on your back is a crash helmet and a thin outfit, which in the event of a crash at 70 Kph offer little protection.

The control of the Luge is similar to the Bob except the luge has no brake and is more difficult to control when cornering. It is considerably lighter than a Bob and is similarly affected by gravitation forces and pulls.

Joystick Left and Right To control the Luge.

Speed skating is an event which goes back to the early ages of time. The sport developed from skating on frozen lakes in Scandinavia to become a fiercely competitive Winter sport. The Dutch for example are known to be one of the Worlds greatest skating nations and hold regular National racing competitions along their network of canals and inland waterways.

Todays competition is centred on straight or oval tracks, divided into lanes to enable the skaters to follow the correct line. The skates are based upon precision made steel blades with sharp edges enabling a responsive relationship between the athlete and the ice.

The skating technique has varied over the years of competition and from basic forms, new derivatives of the sport such as short track and bale jumping have evolved.

Joystick. Left and Right in a constant rhythm

This is a new sport on the International scene, not an Olympic event at the present time but likely to be added to the skiing events in the future. The sport is very popular in the States and has become a great television favourite due to it's exciting head to head competition.

The sport takes place on a Slalom type course with two or three jumping ramps, but with a limited number of gates. The action starts from two starting stations and the start is regulated by the three coloured traffic light system. When the lights turn green the competitors burst through the electronic start gate and the challenge starts as they battle their way down through the gates and over the jumps in a head to head competition.

It is the visual excitement of seeing two skiers challenging one another that makes this new sport so addictive to the spectators.

Joystick, Left and Right to go through the gates.
Up / Down to speed up or slow down.
Fire = To jump, Start and Restart after a Crash

Skidoo Racing is a terrific new competitive sport practised in North America and Europe. The game originates from the days of dog sled racing and whilst dog racing remains a popular sport worldwide, times have changed and the Skidoo/Snow Mobile has widely replaced the dog as a means of transport in the snowy Arctic wastelands.

Skidoos are powered by engines which can vary in size from 200cc to 11OOcc. The larger engined machines used for racing can reach speeds of up to 70 MPH. Racing usually takes place on frozen lakes where straw bales and car tyres are used to mark the course. The course is very similar in design to a Motor Autocross circuit, with long sweeping bends and tight corners to test man and machine to the ultimate.

Joystick, Left and Right to steer.
Keep the Fire button depressed to accelerate.