3D Pool - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: Firebird Software/Aardvark Software, Program & Design: Orlando,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Pool, it's a funny old game, ain't it? Everyone seems to have their own set of rules - and they usually only tell you when you tought they'd just moade a foul shot: 'Oh, I'm allowed to do that, it's the Clee Hill District Conference Pub Sheep League rules!' The rules usually also state that anyone disagreeing with them gets a pool cue rammed up a nostril.

Well, there's no such bickering in 3D Pool. It's normal 8-ball, just like you get in the pub. Each player has to pot all his coloured balls (either light or dark red, depending on which he pots first) followed by the black to win the game.

Aiming your shot is done realistically by changing the angle of the glorious 3-D view. This can also be tilted up/down to determine the amount of screw/topspin put on the cue ball. Shot power is set by holding down fire with up/down to move the power meter, and you can add left/right swerve - very useful for getting out of snookers.

While allowing a lot of flexibility, the control system is certainly a lot harder to master than in 2-D pool and snooker games, with the inevitable slight inaccuracies of the 3-D making it tricky to judge long shots.

On the hustle
Meanwhile the clever computer opponents are real sharp shooters who rarely miss a potting chance. Mind you, they take long enough to think about it - it's like playing against Cliff Thorburn in slow motion!

Extensive game options allow you to practise against any of seven computer players, play a friend, or compete in the full knockout tournament. Last but certainly not least, there's the trick shot editor with 15 trick shots to try and the facility to create your own.

It's the icing on the cake for an allround excellent simulation and definitely the most realistic pool game around. Put your money on the table for this gem.