Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Martech, Release Year: 1986,
Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1

I thought the Olympics were over for a while. Perhaps we might be given a rest from event simulations? No chance.

I'm sure you know the format of this type of game by now. There are x number of events, in this case eight, which require frantic wiggling of the joystick in order to get your athletes to run, swim or jump through hoops as fast as possible. Points are given for each effort and a grand total is displayed at the end.

Superstar Challenge, based on the BBC's Superstars TV programme, doesn't deviate from the formula in any of these respects, so let's just mention the events; canoeing, boar shooting (bore shooting?), 100m sprint, squat thrusts, swimming, arm dips, football and cycling.

In order to justify the game, the programmers have made some attempt at making it a bit different from usual - things like having your swimmer breathe by pressing the fire button and the like- but it doesn't andd up to anything startingly different.

I can't see Superstar Challenge making any great impact as the market is already flooded with similar games. What's more, it's not a a patch on Epyx's Summer Games. Sorry Brian, but you've failed to qualify.

A multi-event simulation game in nothing new and neither is Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge. The audience looked like a collection of bored tombstores. although the game itself was lively and quite enjoyable. The animation is excellent and the background graphics aren't soo bad.

A nice little number - if you're bored with Decathlon there's a million ways to do a lot worse.