Cosmic Causeway
Copyright/Publisher: Mr Chip Software/Gremlin Graphics, Written By:
Shaun Southern, Graphics By: Andrew Morris, Music By: Shaun Southern,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Stunning 3D racing action across infinite landscapes in space.

When Trailblazer appeared, it was hailed as one of the best race games ever. Now Gremlin have released its sequel, which boasts some major alterations.

Cosmic Causeway is basically a race against the clock, set over a 24-level landscape. The player attempts to steer a rolling ball across a rapidly scrolling chequered landscape, jumping hazards, and accelerating or braking as conditions dictate. All mistakes are paid for in terms of time, with an unlimited number of balls being supplied.

The action is depicted in true 3D, and the landscape scrolls under the ball and to left or right as the player steers. As progress is made along the causeway, different coloured squares are encountered, all of which have individual effects on the ball.

The 24 levels are divided into six sections, each with four levels. At the end of each section lies a flying dragon, who launches fireballs when the player draws near. These knock the ball out of play for a few seconds if they aren't avoided. To pass, the dragon must be destroyed by repeated blasting. The player is temporarily endowed with firing abilities to achieve this.

Other obstacles appear on the landscape, and are shot or avoided, as prescribed by the action. Trees and aliens are encountered, plus walls which block the course and only have one opening through which to pass.

At the end of every level, any time remaining is added onto the allotted time for the next, and converted into bonus points. At the end of a section only the numerical bonus is awarded, a new timer starting thereafter.

Between levels, the player also has the opportunity to activate icons, using glowing credits picked up along the course. These endow the player with a wide variety of abilities.

Julian Rignall
When I first saw Cosmic Causeway, I nearly fell off my chair - it's incredibly! It's a soirt of cross between Space Harrier and Trailblazer, but is far, far better than both. The graphical effect is utterly amazing, and the ground's speed gives an incredible feeling of exhilaration.

On later levels, when there are oncoming hazards to avoid, the going gets particularly hairy, and blasting the giant dragon is very satisfying. Cosmic Causeway isn't just pretty - it plaus like a dream. The gameplay is extremely well balanced, and you always seem to progress just a little bit further with every game - consequently it's difficult to put the joystick down.

The credits idea is a good one, forcing the player to plan ahead so that obstacles can be avoided and levels negotiated. Cosmic Causeway is thoroughly enjoyable, and should appeal to racing and shooting enthusiasts alike.

It's not very often I'm stunned by a game, but Cosmic Causeway is a pleasant exeption. On seeing it for the first time, my immediate feelings were of disbelief: 'The 64 can't do that... can it?' The playing 'area' (how do you describe inifinity) is just incredible - smooth, very fast and totally convincing.

Not only is the game a joy to behold, it's also incredbily playable. The designer has done a great job, with levels that are just completable. It reminds me of Buggy Boy in that sense, as you cruise over the line with one or two seconds to spare!

The level of difficulty is also graded well, so later sections are difficult, but still provide a challenge, rather than appearing unattainable. Cosmic Causeway could well lose its appeal after a few weeks, but until that time it's got to be the computer experience of the year.


Simple, but user-friendly layout.
Truly stunning, fast 3D graphics.
Impressive sound effects, and a good soundtrack runs throughout.
Very easy to start playing.
The levels start getting hard at around the fifth, so reaching the 24th should be tricky to say the least.
A technically superb game that's both visually impressive and fun to play.