Ferrari Formula One - Grand Prix Racing Simulation
Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Programmed by: Imagitec Design,
Software Design: Rick Koenig, Coding & Sound Effects: David Chiles, Music:
Barry Leitch, Graphics: M.Hanrahan & A.Ludley, Producer: Jocelyn Ellis, Assistant
Producer: John Roberts, Package Photography: Paul-Henri Cahier, Artist Photography:
Henrik Kam, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1

In this highly sophisticated simulation of Formula One, you can adjust every espect of your car's set-up.

Aerodynamics are tested in the wind tunnel; engine, turbocharger, etc, monitored in the dyno room. You can even have your own test track, Fiorano, with split times given from 45 sensors.

Each of the 16 Grand Prix races is totally authentic with the proper number of warm-up and qualifying sessions (race length can be altered up to the maximum 200 miles!).

Every circuit has a paddock area with icons for race control, garage (to install a new engine) and pits (change tyres, alter settings).

The race action is the least impressive aspect with fairly sluggish 3-D (though the other cars look nice) and a buzzing engine noise). Nevertheless, the car handles fairly realistically and efficient cornering takes a while to master.

If you're looking for an arcade driving game this definitely isn't it. Only true motor-racing fans will appreciate its detail.