Fight Night
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold/Accolade, Release Year: 1985,
Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Not the most serious sim in the world, this has two big cartoon sprites hammering away at each other. There are live computer opponents, each with their own fighting style and Superblow, eg Dip Stick does a below-the-belt jobbie.

All the moves are humorously animated, with your boxer being deformed by a Superblow. Eight manoeuvres are available, including the faking of punches and raising/dropping of guard. Bouts are three rounds long and, knockouts apart, won on points awarded for succesful punches.

Fight Night's still very amusing, but it's showing its six-year age a bit now. The animation's on the sluggish side, and the actions of your fighter seem a bit detached - somehow you never really feel you're in control.

Nevertheless, it's still a good laugh with two players, and the disk version's elevated by a 'round robin' tournament and boxer construction set, allowing you to literally build your own fighters with various body parts!