Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: GBH Gold/Gremlin Graphics Ltd, Programmed By:
Simon Blakes, Graphics By: Bernie & Greg, Music By: Ben Daglish,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

What's this GBH charging an extra quid for a budget game? Still, I suppose we can forgive them if it's good enough...

The first thing you notice about Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf is the host of options it offers. Up to four human or computer players can participate in either a singles or doubles match, choosing either matchplay or strokeplay rules.

The skill level of each computer player is determined by experience, stance, grip, swing, and fitness, factors which can also be set for human players to set a handicap.

The course is viewed in full 3-D; the fairway covered with a square grid, making it's contours easier to make out. Beware the inevitable trees and bunkers, not to mention lakes!

An overhead map shows the entire hole, and is accompanied by an information display showing wind speed, distance from hole, weather conditions, etc. A shot is taken using the standard Leaderboard-style stop-the-power/hook-and-slice meter.

Ultimate Golf is a damned good game, but is one flaw short of being 'ultimate'. The 3-D view inevitably takes time to draw, and has to be redrawn every time you use one of the option screens!

This is a big disincentive to using them, which is a pity - they're really rather good! Still, golf was never a game of the impatient, and Ultimate's sheer playability makes it well worth a fiver.