Kick Off
Copyright/Publisher: Anco Software, Created By: John Mitchell,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

'Ere we go again. Six months after Amiga Kick Off comes the 64 version. As before, you can play against the computer or another player in a friendly match or, alternatively up to eight teams (human or computer controlled) can compete in the international league.

There are also options to practice skills and penalties, as well as changing the length of matches (from 5 mins per half to 45!). The most abvious difference between this and the Amiga game becomes apparent as soon as you start a match.

Instead of playing up and down, the teams play left/irght with the pitch scrolling to follow the action. Other changes include the inability to stop and pass, and the omission of the 'radar' screen.

The playability of the Amiga game won the day but on the C64 it just doesn't get started. Technically it's pretty appalling: sound effects are weak while the graphics suffer from ropey animation and the glaring presence of sprite flicker.

I thought the Amiga game was riddled with (unimportant - Ed) bugs but the C64 version has even more AND a heavy does of unplayability. To my mind MicroProse Soccer wipes the floor with this.

As fas as I'm concernred the only similarities between this and Amiga Kick Off are the play options and the name! Otherwise it's a completely different game and an inferior one at that.

The change to a horizontal pitch wouldn't have mattered if the gameplay hadn't been spoilt by the inability to pass properly. This omissions reduces play to blasting the ball up the field and running after it. For me this simply isn't Kick Off.


All the options of the Amiga game.
Flickery, slow-moving sprites.
No tunes, sparse effect.
Frustrating and too little skill involved.
Good league option, but basic game flawed.
An inferior 64 footy game.