Ninja Scooter Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Through a mysterious city you ride your Dream Scoorer, leaping over walls and holes with the aid of stunt ramps. It's a race against time to complete each scrolling stage, and points are awarded for pulling stunts on your scooter in mid-air.

As you race along, enemies such as policeman, skulls, cars, and skateboarding skeletons (!) hinder progress, losing Ninja valuable time should they collide. Similarly, collision with walls and falling into holes loses time as the Ninja recovers.

The Ninja's speed is slowed by gratings which are dotted around the levels, and the game is over if you run out of time before reaching the finishing line.

This has the general appearance of the arcade game, Metrocross (ignoring US Gold's pretty unspectacular conversion), but scores low on the playability stakes due to the hit-and-miss style needed to complete a level.

Scoorer stunts do nothing to help gameplay, and largely low quality graphics don't exactly encourage you to go on. Rushing along streets soon becomes tedious, so only Metrocross addicts need buy.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've never heard of a Ninja riding into battle on a scooter before! Despite the strange moniker, this isn't a simulation at all, it's only a Metrocoss clone, and a bad one at that.

The lifeless sprites drift about over bland, repetitive racetrack graphics and the sound is so unrealistic it's pointless. The control also leaves a lot to be desired.

Often I shouted at the computer in frustration, calling it a cheat. Budget price or not, I still think that one poor version of Metrocross is quite enough, thank you!


No loading tune/screen and standard options.
Smooth scroll marred by feeble backgrounds and sprites.
The choice of meagre effects or forgettable music.
Any Metrocross variant generates some initial interest.
Haphazard play and very little variation soon invoke boredom.
Only a die-hard Metrocross addict would find this attractive.