Pole Position
Copyright/Publisher: Datasoft, Release Year: 1985,
Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1

This is the official version of the innovative arcade game which really started the arcade racing craze. Set around the Fuji Grand Prix Circuit, the idea is to burn round the track at the highest speeds without crashing.

When you first start the game you have to go through a compulsory qualifying lap. The faster the time on that lap the better your placing on the starting grid (as long as your time is under 73 seconds, otherwise you won't qualify). If your time is under 58.50 seconds then you'll get the pole position, and receive a substantial advantage at the start of the race.

You start the race with 75 seconds and if you fail to get round in that time your game will be over - succeed, and extra time is added on. The number of laps of the race is optional but every race has a chequered flag at its end. If you do finish the race then you'll get a bonus for the time left and cars passed.

The graphics and sound are similar to the arcade version but lack crispness and definition. The cars are reasonablt convincing as you hurtle past them and there is a nice touch with the track scrolling from side to side as you switch lanes.

Although it's THE official version of one of the most played arcade gamesint's now rather dated and there are some much better games out on the market.


FEEL 78%