Pro Mountain Bike Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Produced By: M.C. Lothlorien, Programming By:
Mike Manion, Graphics By: Martin Holland, Music By: Paul Tonge,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Mountain bike racing is the sort of dangerous and exhausting sport best left to simulations. Step forward Alternative with this Kikstart-inspired racing game.

The race begins with your dad giving you a push start across the start line; push right to get pedalling. The screen is divided in two, with player one controlling the top biker, and either the computer or another player responsible for the bottom athlete.

The change gear up or down, you press fire with right or left on the joystick. There are six gears, but quite often you'll have to get off the bike to walk over logs, holes and rocks.

Alternatively you might be able to dodge around them, as your bike can be moved into the screen adding an extra, if narrow dimension to the usual format. Other obstacles include mountains, ramps, and swamps.

After a couple of goes it becomes clear this is no advance over Kikstart, there's much less variety of obstacles and only a single track (although you can design, and save more via a user-friendly built-in designer).

The computer opponent is also far too easy to beat. But on the plus side it's very fast, moving in and out of the screen does add something to the game, and I had great fun beating Phil six races to one (he cheated! - Phil). Well worth purchasing, if you can't get Kikstart 1 or 2, or fanct more of the same.