Summmer Games
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

The only real waggler here is the 100m Sprint, though rhythmic fire pressing is required for both Swimming events (100m and 4x100m). Back on land, the 4x100m Sprint is more strategic, with you simply controlling the speed of the runner to make optimum use of energy.

Again, no waggling is needed for Diving and Vaulting - aerial movements are controlled by various joystick directions.

One of the best (and realistically tricky) events is the Pole Vault: press fire at exactly the right time to plant the pole, flip over the bar and released the pole. Last but not least is the skilful Skeet Shooting.

Like all Epyx games, Summer Games is brilliantly presented with loads of practice and competition options. Graphics are also excellent with smooth animation in every event and attractive backdrops.

Most importantly, the events play really well, requiring lots of pracice to get the best out of them. Great fun to play with a group of friends.