Superstar Ice Hockey
Copyright/Publisher: DesignStar Consultants/SportTime/Mindscape, Production,
Design & Graphics By: Ed Ringler, Programming By: Daniel Lucas (Game Play) &
Simon Ffinch (Stats & Menus), Programming Support By: Mike Ferrando & E.Ringler,
Music By: John Fitzpatrick, Design Support By: Mike Ferrando,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The speed and uniqueness of ice hockey make it a difficult sport to simulate, but disk-only Superstar is a fine effort.

At first sight it doesn't look impressive with its small, blocky players and dull rink. It plays okay though, with you controlling a single skater all the time.

Your computer team-mates are pretty intelligent, passing the puck around smoothly. The ability to hack and check opponents adds interest - though you can end up in the sin bin!

Where this sim really scores is the managerial aspect. As in the real sport, there's a lot of substitutions to make, offensive/defensive tactics and player recruitment/trading.

A realistic league with play-offs provides a good long-term challenge.