Copyright/Publisher: Elite Software, Music By: Jason C. Brooke,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Have you ever wanted to jump into a large juggernaut, and drive about very quickly? No? Well go away then, 'cos in Supertrux that's exactly what you've gotta do! So, get that sixwheeler out, rev the engine until you start getting lots of hassle from the neighbouts, and rip up the roads!

Believe it or not, you are a happy-go-lucky lorry driver, craving for a change from the dreariness of the long-haul transport trade. Sitting in the local Greasy Spoon cafe, you hear talk of a continental road race for truckers being staged by an obscure oilrich sheik, with a first prize of...well, quite a lof of cash, I can tell you, matey.

The race is to wind and roar its way through the capital cities of the main Western European nations, ranging from the hustle and bustle of gay Paris, through the historic splendour of Rome, to Athens, centre of ancient myths and fables and big statues of naked men.

With acrid, black smoke belching out from your truck's exhaust, you begin at the starting line in London, England, where a quick countdown sends you on your way. Your objective is to reach each of the different capitals of Europe, avoiding such hazards as traffic cones, roadblocks, oil slicks and the other blokes taking part in the race, as you progress.

A map shows all the different routes you can take and a time limit is allocated for the completion of each stage. Fail to finish in time and that's the end of the continental holiday for you - Yorkie bar or no Yorkie bar.

Every now and then, appropriate hazard warnings (you know, men at work, slippry road and all that) flash up to get you in a right panic about exactly what to do just when you thought you were doing really well. And, er...that's it.

Yet another in the long line of inferior Out Run type racers, Supertrux isn't really any better than the rest. Isn't it about time that someone found some other way to show movement than by using that awful, two-colour pyjama-stripe effect?

I mean, Buggy Boy came out nearly two years ago - you'd think somebody else would have got the hang of decent 3D by now! A not very juggernaut-enginey effect drones on throughout play - just about preferable to the mind-meldingly boring title track - and it doesn't exactly help that the program keeps throwing all sorts of unexpected obstacles into your track. If you really wanna be a trucker, buy a Yorkie bar.

Supertrux, while in no way outstanding, is one of the more playable 3D road-racing game on the C64. Why? Well- the 3D works, for a start, and on-road hazards turn the whole adventure into a lot more than just one of those endless 'drive on until you're blue in the face' sort of affairs.

Not that there's anything special about the graphics - there's the usual stripy two-colour road effect and instead of a car, you've got a truck. Big deal! This still doesn't even come close to the quality of Buggy Boy, but it's certainly a whole lot better than some 3D turkeys I Could mention.


Average storyline and messy screen display.
Blocky sprites and obstacles and a fairly unconvincing rolling road.
Bland tunes and a totally non-engine-like drone.
First impressions aren't too favourable as your truck wobbles from side to side on the starting block.
Interest picks up as roadside hazards are encountered, adding an original twist.
Another technically dowdy road racer, its relative originality being its saving grace.