Supertrux (Rerelease)
Copyright/Publisher: Encore/Elite Software, Music By: Jason C. Brooke,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Only those with the sharpest eyes need enter this race - the inlay instructions appear to have been written for a microdot! But fortunelately there isn't that much to bug your eyes over, just a thin blurb on a trans-European Supertrux race.

There's nine stages, each representing a European city, with a strict time limit. Other trucjs are simply obstructions to you getting the fastest time possible. Also standing in your way are tight bends and roadworks with plenty of cones to slow you down.

To help you road signs warn of upcoming hazards, these also inform you of upcoming road splits. These allow you to choose your own route through the game.

Supertrux makes a good first impression, with bold and colourful vehicles sprites as well as attractive roadside graphics and a scrolling horizon with appropriate features (such as the Eiffel tower in Paris).

But as you'd expect of trucks, they're not the speediest of vehicles and can be a bit sluggish to respond. Gameplay isn't that varied either, but the ability to choose your route and some nice graphics for each level compensate. In Issue 48 it got 57%, but at a budget price it's more appealing. Nothing remarkable perhaps, but still quite good fun.