Tag Team Wrestling
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold/Data East, Release Year: 1986,
Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Scantily clad young men in their underwear? Calm down girlies - it's just Tag Team Wrestling, latter-day gladiators of the roped arena.

Before beginning a bout, you choose between the single player option or the two-player mode. In the latter case there are two teams avaible: 'Ricky's Fighters' (the good guys), and 'Strong and Bad' (the bad guys).

On selecting your team, the match begins and each combatant is directed around the ring. There are seven moves available, from a body slam to a drop kick, each corresponding to one of the eight joystick positions (up and down relating to the same move).

Pressing the fire button and selecting a positions initiates the move, and a correctly executed manoeuvre results in a fall, where your opponent is thrown to the mat and pinned down. If he fails to free himself by a count of three, you win the bout.

As in real tag-team wrestling you 'tag' your partnet to take your place in the ring. The viewpoint changes to that of the floor and ring's side when a wrestler is thrown from the ring.

There are weapons to be found lying around which can be picked up and used to batter your opponent (no Johnny Cougar honour in this ring!). Being counted out of the ring for more 20 seconds results in disqualification and the beginning of the next bout.

Titles are awarded according to the number of matches won, from American Champion for three matches, up to Super Champion on gaining 25 consecutive victories.

Julian Rignall
Why are US Gold bothering to release this ehen they've already cornered the wrestling market with their excellent Championship Wrestling? This is laughably inferior to Epyx's classic, sporting such features as dire graphics, highly annoying sound and clumsy gameplay.

Opposing wrestlers are beaten time and time again using the same move, and consequently the action becomes incredibly repetitive and boring. The Karate Champ freebie on the other side is a consolation, but I'd avoid the package entirely.

This is one of the worst combat games around. The wrestlers are badly drawn, and look awful as they stutter around the ring. In one player mode it seems very difficult to obtain a clean move, and the whole thing soon becomes extremely wearisome as your wrestler gets thrown to the deck time after time.

The two-player option offers no real improvement, and the game is generally very poor. Tag Team Wrestling comes together with Karate Champ but this proves a rather pointless exercise, as Karate Champ is better, and available on the American label for three quid! I know which one I'd buy...


A few options, but otherwise below average.
Poorly defined characters and appalling animation.
Pitiful music and very basic spot effects.
The fiddly joystick control and slow, unrewarding gameplay is instantly off-putting.
Lacks two essential ingredients: variety and playability.
The addition of the marginally superior Karate Champ doesn't make Tag Team Wrestling any more worthwhile.
A fine example of the beat'em up genre at its very worst.