Tracksuit Manager - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: Hi-Tec/Goliath Games, Release Year: 1989,
Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

Well, Brian, it's like this. The boys done rubbish in the World Cup, so you've been brought in as the new manager of the team (any European national side). It's a tough job, choosing your squad of 22 players from the hundred available. Check their ability ratings and fitness before you call them up.

Then there's friendly matches to arrange for testing players and tactics. You can change your formation, choose how defensively to play, what sort of build-up yo emply, passing style, tackling style, whether to play zone or man-to-man defence, and much more.

In addition each player can be given individual instructions to override the team tactics. For example, you might want your best defender to mark the opposition's most dangerous striker. The ability of opposing players can be discovered by sending a scout to watch them play. His detailed report tells you everything you want to know about the whole team including their tactics.

When you've picked your team and tactics it's time for the kick off. The match screen gives a running text commentary of all the action plus a diagram of the pitch with a moving red bar showing the approximate location of the ball. Substitutions can be made at any time, and are often necessary to replace injured players or those booked and in danger of being sent off (for which they could receive up to a three-match ban).

When you've got a good side it's time to start playing for real in the qualifying round of the European Championship. Win your group and you'll go through to the finals. But even if you fail there's still the World Cup to prepare for. It's all to play for, Saint.

Tracksuit Manager had a sparkling debut in Issue 42, scoring 89% and plenty of praise from a hat-trick of reviewers. Even Maff - not a fan of footy management games - enjoyed it, appreciating its authenticity: 'all the information included is absolutely spot-on - from the players eligible for a cap to the individual skills of each man.'

Gordo liked the scrolling match commentary 'giving a detailed account of the proceedings and generates both enthusiasm and sympathy for you faithful team.' Of course it also provides vital information about individual players' form and your overall strategy.

Careful analysis of the commentart is required to make the right management decisions, of which there are plenty due to the immense tactical depth of the game. The detailed team and player tactics system allows you to accurately tweak your playing style and even pay 'special attention' to the other team's star players!

This is where the game easily outclasses its more lightweight rivals. The inclusion of both European Championship and World Cup is the icing on the cake. Paul Glancey commented, 'this is the best football management game on the markey.' It still is