Winter Games
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Programmed by: Action Graphics,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

This is really cool. First of seven events is the Hot Dog Aerials. To my disappointment this doesn't include mustard and ketchup but is still a tasty treat. Six stunts are available including flips, backscratchers and daffies. Awkward movements and falls reduce your score.

After a quick change of dress (and sex), you're ready for the Figure Skating. Impress the judges with a range of seven spins and jumps - time has the landings exactly or end up with a cold bottom!

Returned to male form, you go for the Ski Jump. Continually adjust your flight position or end up like Eddie Edwards - a sad prospect indeed!

Free Skating is just like Figure Skating except you have to perform each movement three times within two minutes.

Speed Skating, on the other hand, is a completely different kettle of ice. It's a haed-to-head, split-screen race against a human or computer opponent. Speed is achieved not by rapid waggling but by attaining a good rhythm with the skater's legs.

A similar technique is used for the cross-country skiing in Biathlon. At regular intervals you stop to fire you rifle at five targets - missing one incurs a five-second penalty.

Finally, there's no room for error in the Bobsleigh. Accurate steering around corners is needed as you hurtle down the 3-D track.

As with Summer Games II, the events are well thought out with good control systems. The graphical standard is even better with some gorgeous backdrops and convincing sprites, and sound's great too with loads of tunes. Definitely the best wintry sim around.



Hot Dog

Speed Skating