Winter Super Sports 92
Copyright/Publisher: Flair Software, Written By: Bruce Le Feaux, Graeme Ford & Ian Davison,
Graphics By: Mark Sample, Paul Drummond, Kevin Preston & Phil Nixon, Music By:
Adam Gilmore, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

The most recent snowy sports sim is a mildly playable romp through eight events. There three similar, downward-scrolling skiing events; Downhill, Ski Challenge (two-player head-to-head) and Slalom.

A 3-D view is utilised for both Luge and Bobsleigh, with accurate steering needed to stay in the tortuous track.

Another 3-D view is used for Speed Skating and Bale Jumping (I've done a bit of that!). Both involve left/right movement in time with you man's skates, so at least you don't get sore arm.

The other event is a bit of an odd 'un. Skidoo has you negotiating a multidirectionally scrolling maze-like track. It plays as well as it looks - bleurgh!

Other than this hiccup, Winter Super Sports is a pretty sound package, though some of the events are very similar.

None of them are as playable as those in Winter Games, but Ian seems to like the game a lot - so if you're a bit like him (Gawd help you!) you'll probably enjoy it!