Winter Super Sports 92
Copyright/Publisher: Flair Software, Written By: Bruce Le Feaux, Graeme Ford & Ian Davison,
Graphics By: Mark Sample, Paul Drummond, Kevin Preston & Phil Nixon, Music By:
Adam Gilmore, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

So, as another Winter Olympics draws to a close, we look back fondly at our favourite memories of the Games (sounds of swelling Vangleis music). Remember when that Italian fell over on the snow? Or what about the Swiss guy who took a tumble? Or even that classic moment when an Austrian lost one of his skis? Great times indeed.

But reminisce no more? Now you can recreate the thrills and excitement of various Europeans getting covered with snow in your own home. Winter Super Sports '92 contains eight events, guaranteed to make you feel cold and to cover your brightly covered catsuit with ice. In order of interest, they are (deep breath): downhill skiing, ski slalom, pro ski challenge, skidoo racing, bobsleigh, luge, speed skating, bale jumping (?).

The format for competing in these is pretty simple. You can either race separately and try and get the best times, or you can race other people and try and slice their hands off with your skis/skates. Guess which is more fun?

Up to six humans can play the events, and if less the computer is happy to join in too. You (and the other humans) set up a character who will play through the whole game, accumulating scores, points and, hopefully, major medal-type chest hardware.

A lot of the games are viewed in a sort of 3D above-the-action mode. This works well, especially with events like skiing. Here the hillside scrolls up towards you, and you've got to make your directional changes as soon as you see the obstacles (like rocks, gates and the other competitor) looming up.

Of course, speed is the essence of all the games. And Winter Super Sports certainly delivers speed. It's as smooth as the real thing (well, nearly), and you can control your character with some degree of accuracy as he whooshes around.

The multi-player events are either split-screen affairs or both-players-on-one-screen jobs. Both of these look good and are playable, but personally I prefer the single screen with both characters on it. Events like skidoo, though, need to have a split screen, because one player always knocks the other into the hay bales at the side of the circuit, then disappears in a cloud of kicked-up snow and diesel fumes.

Overall, Winter Super Sports is a lot of fun. It's varied selection of games, but the snowy link between them is strong, and the two-player modes are dead exciting. It's not as cute as Winter Camp, but is not meant to be. This Olympic challenging is a cut-throat business, and it is this that makes Winter Super Sports '92 real fun.

We showed Winter Super Sports to Alberto Tomba, the famous Italian skier and playboy. This is his judgement.

"Don't you realise who you're talking to? I am Tomba, the greatest living skier. My nose is gorgeous and I have a Ferrari. See this watch. It is a Rolex, water-resistant to thirty atmospheres."

"I, er, deliberately didn't win the Gold medal in the slalom because I'm generous and wanted a pleb to get it. Now go away and stop bothering me or Vincenzo and Franco will escort you to the top of the slippery slope."

We weren't satisfied with his views on Winter Super Sports, but we left anyway.

A multiload which will cause you to eat furniture.
The computer is a very mean and fast sportsman, er, thing.
A tad late?
Bags of atmosphere, with lots of static screens depicting Christmas card shots.
Chilly music lends itself well to the whole scene.
The time-tests are exciting, as the clocks tick away rhose oh-so-vital hundredths of a second.
But the two-player bits are certainly the best feature.
Very playable indeed.
And there are plenty of events to choose from, too!



It's the tensiest moment as you wait for the downhill to begin. Have you got clean underwear on? Ready, set, aaaaarghhhhh!
"Vic! I've fallen". Hitting obstacles won't break your limbs, but it'll slow you right down, so it's best avoided.
Unfeasible amounts of skidoo-related violence! These babies are fast, dangerous and make for great collisions. It's like stock-car racing on ice.