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Welcome to the World Records-section at STADIUM 64. You can be a part of the World Records. If you have beaten a World Record you're very welcome to send an email to STADIUM 64 with your world record. But you have to send in a screenshot of the actual record.

Please send the screenshots as gif-images. Cut the screenshots, the size of the screenshots should be around 320*200 pixels. Please zip the gif-files and name the zipped file to: For example, your name is STADIUM 64 and your are from SWEDEN:

All World Records will be displayed by a screenshot and with the 3 best records.

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Warm Up
Copyright/Publisher:Genias, Genre: Formula One, Release Year:1991, Number of Players 1 or 2
1st - 307 365
Martin Brunner, AUT

2nd - 168 400
Jax, POL

International Karate+
Copyright/Publisher: System 3, Genre: Fighting Sports Release Year: 1988, Number of Players 1 or 2
1st - 149 600 Points
Tom Simons, BEL

2nd - 114 000 Points
Martin Brunner, AUT

3rd - 101 700 Points
Sasa, GER

Super Sprint
Copyright/Publisher: Electric Dreams, Genre: Formula One Release Year:1987, Number of Players 1 or 2
1st - 42 300 Points
Anthony Rosamilia, AUS

2nd - 40 500 Points
Martin Brunner, AUT

3rd - 25 600 Points

Yie Ar Kung Fu
Copyright/Publisher: Imagine/Konami, Genre: Fighting Sports Release Year:1985, Number of Players 1
1st - 995 700 Points
Robert Unsworth, ENG

2nd - 230 500 Points
Jax, POL

3rd - 178 000Points
Robert Grey, USA

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